Is the game considered released now?

Would be nice but my expectations are pretty low right now. Never should have logged in yesterday.

Is it possible to freeze my account? I saw the email for the final reset and decided to check the game out to see how it'd progressed and changed. Boy did it change but my first impression isn't good.

-The player-base seems to have been split into 3 tiers.

-this busted repair functionality punishes people for playing.

-clicked on a ship coating to see how it looks. Removed GP immediately without any verification whatsoever. Fuzzy bunny of an oversight.

-The 15 ships changed into 50 slightly different ships following a direct upgrade system.

I can pick out a few other things but deciding to just play, I can't even get into a single match, so I'm watching as my elite status just trickles away.

My impression is the player-base is incredibly small and the game still has serious issues to work out so thinking I'd rather wait a few more months before coming back. But they've already activated the elite status, which behaves in stupid way because it punishes people who have other things to do or in this case when the game is broken. (seriously punishing not just people playing, with the repair functionality, but people who put money into the game?)

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No can do at the moment. But you can stop the music all together by going into the game files and renaming Music.bnk

It's in \Dreadnought\DreadGame\DreadGame\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows

omg thank you so much. This would be amazing to me. I actually like playing podcast in the back ground so music gets in the way. Or if I'm playing with friends, it just creates a lot of extra noise that gets in the way of us communicating.

They're fun, but inflexible due to being stuck in what ever configuration they're in. They built up my excitement as I learned how to use them and how I'd tweak them to my own preferences.

Like the Kali, I would change some of the briefings for something like "module amper" "feedback loop" "desperate measures"

Lets keep this thread up, I'm really enjoying it and curious what other uses combos people have.

"Adrenaline Shot"(energy when healing or healed) and "Engine Rigger"(100% speed, 75% engine energy use), especially on tac.

The combining of mobility and extra energy means I can heal so much more while I also live much longer because I can fuel my engine and shield with adrenaline shot.

I like the "Nerves of steel" but it relies on my opponents shooting me so I prefer the "Engine Rigger" 100% boost that I can use at any time but I use it on my heavier ships.

If a ship hits you with the plasma ram it's because "you" let him. As listed already, there are a lot of ways to counter a ramming ship, especially if a team focuses it down. I've been the death of more then a few by sitting down a stasis pod and calling attention to the destroyer.

drain and disruptor modules are extremely effective as well since they make the ship far more vulnerable and in the case disruptor, stops the ram altogether. Though I prefer stasis since it's really funny watching a ram ship just sit there frozen in place.

Mine has been sitting there for a week now.

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My reason is during a recent match I tried to play the role of protecting our sniper which I did ok at but wonder how I could have done better.

Hitting them to brake their cloak before they get close as well as reporting them to the team works best. As such weapons with fast projectiles are better. Forget about missiles, the vet has to many ways of dealing with them, except nukes, you can always launch one where a vet will be and manually detonate it.

Missles were actually useful to me, get a kill occasionally but also makes it easy for me to follow them if I lose sight.