I feel like this isn't the game for that type of content personally o.O

Dark_Fox_#1657 posted (#post-6385)

Hahaha Josh someone was telling me how we needed to swap teams because me and you on the same team was so unfair. smile

But then who would have had you press play?!!?

<----- Not sure if I ever met you though. I was one of the guys in camo with the A.R.E.N.A patches on

Probably has to do with PAX Prime just finishing up in Washington

He would obviously say mine, we had a Josh bond the last day of PAX smile (I'm sitting next to him in his stream)

Ya, this time at PAX they had a different set of ships.

Also, is it just me or irishrOy, does your avatar look like bill murray??

I streamed all day Monday, I have all the broadcasts saved but I made it easier and highlighted all the games.

Some games are a lot better than others, they are out of order but they got worse as the day went on smile

You can start by watching here:

Majority of the game play is in the Corvette.

Welcome smile glad to have you on board!

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Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

You are going to graduate, but in what field? Sorry, but I am not familiar with the American school system.

Sorry about that, edited the post to add that info. (Computer Science)

We can help off-topic decrease before then as a cluttered forum can be a huge turn off for new members as well as current ones.

Do you want someone who is interested in the beta and community coming to the forum, asking a question and having to search through the thread for the few posts that are on topic? They would get frustrated and leave, or not join altogether.

I think if we work together to un-clutter the forums it would benefit all.

If it's going to change we are going to be the ones that have to do it smile