Thanks for the tip Jawayne.

Just it is gonna take me something down the lines of 6-8 hours to download the whole game, again smile

Today losses:


So far you owe me something around 10k credits, Yager.

Hello everyone.

I've only seen one user beside me reporting this bug, thus I will make my own to give this problem a bit more resonance.

The new map, recently implemented, causes the game to crash EVERY TIME.

If it simply was about restarting the game then I would not complain.

BUT, every time it happens, the game also behaves as if I HAVE QUIT that match. As a result MY HARD EARNED MONEY gets DRAINED of CONSEQUENCE.

So PLEASE, FIX this bug ASAP, because I am tired of losing 3000+ credits A DAY, I am tired of BEING PUNISHED for something that is ENTIRELY due to a lack on DEVs SIDE.


Not only it does the same to me, but it also takes money off my tab as if I have quit that match!

Gimme my money back smile I don't wanna lose them because of a BUG.

D' awh smile


Can't wait to tap into my hard earned, 52k worth piggy-bank.

If I may ask, around what time will the hotfix be deployed? smile

DOGMA#8169 posted (#post-34075)

Hacker reports are like UFO's "everyone" has seen them but no one can produce any evidence, with at least 75% of the players running NVIDIA cards why has no one ever hit Alt+F9/Alt+Z and recorded this?

I did not even know that NVIDIA cards could do that! ( I have got a GTX 690)

Anyway, I've downloaded and installed Bandicam. I am ready to film the proof should I ever happen to face the same situation again.


There were no measures, in my case, that this player was taking to reduce/fend off the damage he was receiving.

His energy was always full because he never used it, and no graphical effects were shown because no defensive modules (armor boost and the kind) were being used on his side ( He was playing a Zmey class ship).

He simply stood in front of everyone, and he was being attacked from everyone on my team but he took no damage. His Health Wasn't dropping.

I repeat

His --- Health --- Was --- Not --- Dropping.

If any module to reduce incoming damage was being activated his Health Bar should have dropped some anyway, but it was not happening (despite 5 players shooting at him).

If he had shield his energy bar (and health bar) should have dropped, other than showing the graphical effect of the shield wrapping his ship. But it was not happening and there was no active shield surrounding his ship.

You, and those of the NSA have never come across such situation? Good, you've been lucky.

That means two things :

1) you've been lucky for having fought not (yet) against any of these supposed 'hackers'

2) Just because you, and those of the NSA have not encountered any of these supposed 'hackers' it doesn't mean that they do not exist ( We may suppose that they do not always recourse to this exploit)

Though I find it curious that you try to minimize/deny the reports of people here in this thread.

You legitimately have your doubts about this matter, I can understand that, there is lot of things to keep in consideration.

But the situation in my case was very clear.

Aha! I knew there had to be some sort of trick for this =/

When I pointed it out into open match chat him, and his teammates started being very toxic too!

At the beginning of the match this TrippyBryce was about to die, when his life suddenly went from nearly 0 to full in an instant! And since that moment he's been invulnerable. He did not even bother to lift shields when being attacked!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to report to you fellow captains one 'singular' situation I came across while playing.

What was so particular about this player? You may ask.

Well, that his ship health never went down! And, mind me, I am not speaking of a graphical bug of the health bar displaying it full while instead dropping. He really wasn't dying!

----READ the HALTS---

Halt! You may object that there were healers supporting him, indeed there was an Aion and a Koschei on his team.

Halt! You may object that the Koschei can go totally invisible. I know, and to exclude such possibility I have been waiting for both the Aion and the Koschei on his team to be dead before attacking him with my Kreshnik.

Kreshnik is the short range weaponry corvette, and I was practically under 100m from TryppyBryce, also no, there was no lag, no he was not moving and I've been shooting on the side of his ship so I could not miss him.

Now, I've been shooting all that I had on him, while he had no active shields, main guns, second guns, torpedoes and blast. Guess what? His health bar did not drop of an inch.

But it was not also me! I've noticed that also other players on my team could not cause any real damage!

Now, if it is not a bug on the health bar then I don't know what 'else' it could be.

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