You said it yourself Azure: " I have played against nuke spam teams and won solely based on having a team that knew to always raise shields and heal up after the impact. "

Indeed. That is why something has to be done to prevent these nukes spams. A pugs team vs an organized team makes a one sided match that is fun just for 5/10 of the players.

Also, I did not suggest anything on purpose to prevent some from saying something against it ;P

There is people with better ideas than me around, that's why I asked if someone had any.

Also, if you are in a pugs match then you can be aware all you want but if your team mates are not.. ehh.

You may survive the nukes blast all the time but then you get focused and shot down

Odinous and Doqeneer. These are both ideal situations that barely ever occur.

There must be a different mechanism to limit this style.

Those are not solutions, they are placebos.

Energy is not infinite to keep up shields, you can't manage it to lift shields for nukes only all the time.

Awareness lets you avoid one, or two, but during the heat of a battle it's not possible to evade them all.

Anti-nuke lasers require the player to sacrifice something else for them.

Well, you can't be prepared for these sort of teams all the time.

Awareness is useful but is not the key, you can't keep running away from nukes all the time. Nuke spawns prevent you from doing anything else than running from them

How about doing something to prevent 4 players on 5 from constantly spawning nuclear weapons ever 10 seconds (this is not the real amount of time, it just means they can shoot them very so often)?

Any ideas?

Not really.

I've just played a match with this setup.

Nothing managed to catch me, be it other corvettes, or a dread with tractor. I could ignore every enemy attack and do whatever I wanted.

And I am no pro player. I can't imagine what a truly corvette skilled player could pull out of this.

All I did was hitting '1' for blink and sometimes '4' to boost. Short range torpedo drops at will with nearly always successful escapes.

Hello everyone.

While playing a few matches I've noticed that some fulgora players tend to equip both the blink warp and afterburnes.

Isn't it a bit.. exaggerate?

The blink reloads so fast, and they can pull themself off of any situation just using that.

Add the afterburner to it. You'll never catch up with such a ship unless being yourself on a fulgora with the same setup, or a sniper, or a ship with tractor beam abilities.

Wouldn't that be reasonable if this ship could fit only one of the two modules at a time?

Thank you very much!

Hello everyone!

I am considering to buy the 10 bucks founder pack, just I do not understand how it gets linked to my account.

Will I purchase a code of sort that I then have to redeem here on this site?