Ok, it did not work into the Redeem page.

It worked instead when I used it into my account page.


Hello everyone, I've received the e-mail with my alpha code, though when I type it into the redemption field I get this

" The code you have provided is not valid. Please check the email or other correspondence you received and enter it again. "

What shall I do?

Does it mean the code is expired?

Ah, alright, thanks!

I was puzzled because of the current situation with Alpha invitations. Since many freshly registered one-posters get them, while nothing has arrived my way even though having been there since the very beginning.

Must be my usual bad luck.

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask you: is that normal that all I receive from Grey-Box are notification mails about people having replied to threads I participated into?

I have the tick on that box in my account for receiving news and info. Yet nothing comes through, not even as spam.

All of the e-mails I receive from Grey-Box are notices of people having replied to the threads I wrote into.

Nothing else.

Not even into spam folder.

Yeah, it's not like this is frustrating to hear for one who signed into forums and beta no soon they were available... oh no.

Just been waiting since then. And fresh new registered people get it all immediately without even knowing what's going on.

sarcastic clap


Yeah, it is like in a restaurant when you get served after the second guy, even though you were first to arrive.

I was kinda hoping that by registering no soon Signs ups were available I would have had better possibilities to be picked between the firsts.

Well, too bad xD

I've subscribed to the forum since it first came up, and for beta too no soon it was possible to do so.

But I received no alpha code, and it doesn't seem influenced by posts number. Am I just being unlucky?

I started a topic similar to this, and it got deleted immediately. Dunno Why. =/