Am I the only one who starts to think this forum needs a FAQ section?

I imagine not every PC will be able to handle dreadnought current graphics either, so I would not see it as a real big problem since one could simply swap to lower quality settings.

Since we can presume every map will have different environmental characteristics, I indeed thought that this ship abilities could vary depending on the situation, always granting it a reasonable margin of operativity and reliability.

Yeah, I do realize such a thing would take an enormous amount of work. That's why I posted it as a theoretical concept for a possible far future of the game(like, n years after the launch when many things will be done).

I know it might probably be too much for this game at this stage, even though, what would you think if I proposed you a ship that can use atmospheric elements, and some objects in the maps as a form of weapon?

Let's get down to some specifics!


As the name suggests, this particular ship is capable to influence atmospheric elements so to slow, damage or even destroy it's targets.

In order to do so it requires devices of such power and dimensions that a dreadnought class hull only can house them, leaving no space for any other sort of weaponry ( or small flaks at leasts, effective against fighters only).

Alright! Good... how do I fight with it? You may wonder at this point. Time to discuss it.


By radiating particular kind of energies modulated on specific frequencies ( sci-fi mindtrip on how it could work go go!)

the stormbringer can cause localized lightning storms in this way:

  • at a distance with an highlighted target : around or above it.

  • at a distance with no target : manual deployment of the attack with a cursos.

  • at short range, around itself : the storm gets formed around the ship for a self-defense purpose (no flaks needed in this case)

Hey! Wouldn't this make it an all ranges ship? Nope!

The intensity and damage dealt by the lightnings decreases with the distance to a point it won't have any meaningful effect (not even jamming sensors).

Further more, to use this attack the captain must bring the ship at an 'optimal firing height', exposing itself to attacks, especially artillery fire ( No nasty attacks from covers for you! D:< )

So be careful on firing!

Another atmospheric ability could be the following:

The ship uses it's power reservoirs to create a strong turbulence against one or more enemy ships, slowing them down as a result, maybe making manouvers difficult even (like maintaining aim or steering and such).

Furthermore (this one could be exaggerated)

The Stormbringer can even cause little earthquakes! Ba dum tis!

Zynryuk, this is a game about spaceships... you know... they fly, what effect may an earthquake have on a flying object?

Directly on it? None of course! You silly... what though, what if an enemy ship stands close enough to a rock wall?

The earthquake caused by this ability can make that rock wall crumble and rain in blocks onto the unlucky captains head!

Would it not be cool?


Okay, what's the deal here? No atmosphere or terrain equal to no storms, wind or rocks falling on your head.

And this is where debris and asteroids come in handy!

No exotic radiations here, just the ol' beloved tractor beams and force fields from our most juicy sci-fi dreams!

In presence of floating debris and asteroids of sort the ship can draw them arounds itself in a rotating formation ( possibly decided by the player?) that could be used either for a defense ( by intercepting incoming fire/missiles) until destruction, or as kinetic projectiles to be thrown at others!

Debris... debris... debris... hmm. What if a debris has caught plasmatic fire? What if I pick a damaged reactor left unexploded or an hazardous object?

Fling them at your opponents for some flashy elemental damage!

Aha! Here comes the other face of the medal: because of their nature if you keep these kind of debris around yourself for too long, you will suffer of negative effects yourself!

Hmm... I smell coffee in that nebula! Said Captain Jeneway (Okay, I am probably wrong here. I remember a doodle with that sentence)

What a nice mass of gas you see in front of you! Influence it to make a smoke curtain for you and your allies? Sure, why not! And here you get another ability :D

This is all I have in mind for now about the Stormbringer. I will update if else crosses my brain.

Apologize the wall of text!

On the 15 April it will be my birthday... can we get closed Beta announced for that? During the stream. Pretty please! big puppy eyes ;P

Melee... how about retractible rostrums?

Spikes maybe?

Smaller ships may harpoon larger ones, anchor themself and trigger into a massive self-destruction explosion by overloading the core(or something like that) in some sort of suicidal attack attempt to take them down.

Tetsu-Amada#3909 posted (#post-2092)

I believe the issue of "Non-retractable guns" could easily be solved by showing them testing out their rotational spans and arcing ranges. The ship could visually be seen gathering energy to its core features, and then you get the lovely engines blazing as you warp into the scene.

Like it happens for guns in Eve, on smaller ships they could fold up on themself like having the barrel retract and the may body of the weapon lower to the base and close up.

Axidion#1657 posted (#post-1924)

I definitely like the concept of some sort of tug-of-war gameplay, assuming such a mode would be possible given the slow speed of the ships. I'd like to see something like the dreadnoughts providing support for hordes of small fighters, just to change up the pace of the game. Something like the following:

Perhaps each team has a "warp node" structure on each end of the map. As long as this structure is standing, players can respawn indefinitely by warping in new ships. However, each warp node is surrounded by multiple heavy cannons that would easily gun down dreadnoughts, but are slow enough that they can't take out fighters or bombers.

Instead, these warp nodes are continuously spawning fighters or waves of small bombers to take out the enemy warp node. And the bombers maybe take a few different paths throughout the map. Dreadnoughts can easily kill the bombers, so the goal would be to take down the enemy dreadnoughts so they can't shoot down your own bombers, and also shoot down as many enemy bombers as possible.

The further you push, the more resistance you meet. After you push a certain distance towards your enemy's warp node, they start spawning greater numbers of fighters to drive back your bombers, which means you have to push even harder, closer to putting you at risk of getting gunned down near the enemy spawn from the huge turrets and reviving enemies.

Once your teams fighters/bombers destroy the warp node, you just have to kill off the remaining survivors to win.

Or some sort of variation.

Sounds a lot like Dota/League of legends/Smite ... which I don't like at all.

All of that you suggested seems great!

Though I also depict myself sitting on my captain/admiral chair with a fierce look fixed on explosions booming out of the command deck windows all around the ship, issuing orders left and right while classic music plays from the loudspeakers!

Like the Ride of the Valkyries for instance.

@ Darkloser

throws a look into the locker, staring at all of those wondrous, and so terrible at once, sadic instruments of torture with kind of an unnerving look

May I choose to get fired from a cannon with a parachute?


I must have missed that sentence ^^;