Shakes head not talking about how far an ability can hit, rather how wide... like an angle.

Let's say a ship has cannons with a fixed rotation going from +45 degrees to -45 degrees (90 degrees total).

Like on Star Trek Online, if you hover with mouse on a weapon icon, it will momentarily display the angle it can shoot into, not how far it can reach.

I thought of visible firing arcs because it'd give you a direct, immediate idea about how wide a weapon can range, and when/if a target is into the reach of your fire.

Let's take a dreadnought broadside for instance: Wouldn't it be easier to operate a quick decision on either firing it or not if you knew to have your target in it's arc or not?

I picture myself a situation where you are under siege, quick thinking will make the difference and you gotta fire or die, but... oh nooo! I fired it too quickly because I thought I was aligned correctly, instead I am completely off. Dead... d'oh xD


Usually in a game few things are left to a real-time dynamic calculation, because of the obvious weight it would bring on fps.

Optimization is the key word when it comes to such things. Like for the flag, the animation gets cached, thus it will fall under that section of simulated effects (aka 'fakes') that help creating a wonderful visual effect with a little cost.

I think it would be nice to have the firing arcs of the player ship shown too.

Wouldn't it be too good if the ship projecting such wide shield could also move during it? Maybe if it had engines power reduced by the energy drained to power it up... hmm.

Hello everyone!

I've thought of it, and I was wondering: how about Electronic Warfrare based and a Shields Support ships being a choice in the roster of vessels?

Electronic Warfare vessel

This particular craft could launch AoE or Aimed disruptive attacks on enemy groups or single ships.

It's abilities may range from slowing/arresting a target to prevent it from firing or detect hostiles.

Shield Support vessel

For this one: not only it may regen allied ships' s shield(drain enemies 's?), but even project a large screen (for a short time,and be static during it) to protect from incoming massive barrages of fire.

One of these two ships may have an ability that confuses incoming missiles targeting systems, causing them to deviate and crash elsewhere.

These are few ideas I had. What do you think?

Tell us of your own ideas and concepts! :D

I do find the idea of a carrier being able to control certain map elements way intriguing.

Through this topic some of you pointed out that it would be an excessive feature.

A single carrier being able to control all of the key points of one map would be too much (commander style), like having multiple ones controlling a point each could get frustrating.

Thus I thought of a possible solution to make this idea work fairly.

On every map there could be a set number of key points, each sporting different features such as:

- repair stations

- refueling stations

- long range-stationary weaponry

- so on with possibilities.

Now, with every new match(on the same map) these key points may come randomnly equipped to prevent players from developing a routine of the sort * Oh, ok, we get weaponry here, and repairs there... so I gotta go there first and here then *.

This way, every time the team would have to develop a tactic and operate choices based on the distribution of ground resources.

Sure, this could advantage a team if a particularly effective point would spawn close to their base. Thus I'd keep them far off into positions that could be equally reached by both parts.

last, but not least... how to control them?

We already excluded two ways at the beginning. I will expose you mine.

I do think a carrier shall be in the proximity, or stationary above a key point to capture(this implying a capture time) and control it. Upon it being destructed the point deactivates, falling neutral for a new carrier to come and retake it.

Plus a team shall be able to control a limited number of points never matching the totality of those present in a map, leaving the enemy a chance to take advantage of those left.

Do you think this would be reasonable? Let me know! :D

You are welcome.


Alright, I think I figured it out.

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Then I thought... what if I add '0' (zero) before the month? It indeed took it!

In order for it to work I had to write 04 - 15 - 1993 :D

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