thanks for your attempt anyway!

I indeed put my birth date. But it insists telling me to fill that field.

I was born on 4/15/1993, that shall be way fine xD

Edit: Now, when I hit subscribe it sends me to a page where I get this.

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "/D/16382/284247/000/" on this server.

Reference #18.5ef01202.1427734802.768e26a

My browser even warned me that I was moving to a dangerous page at my own risk.

Hello everyone!

I am sorry to bother you all with this not so interesting topic.

Even though, I've got a problem with the newsletter sign up.

I do fill every field with the required data but, once I hit 'subscribe' it asks me to specify the date... even though I did it!

Is this some sort of bug? Or am I failing miserably? xD