Lately I was thinking about a new manufacture and I wanted to create something new,
so my idea was some kind of scientist manufacture. Inspired by an alien eco system and environment.
In addition to that I wanted to implement something new: What an entire manufacture which produces ships without shields?. Yes of course some officer briefings would be rendered useless but this would be a great opportunity to think of more perks which work with hullpoints and regenerating and modules which work around it.
Instead of a shield I would introduce some kind of hull robot network which you can divert to sides of the ship to increase damage resistance on that side. I know thats difficult to implement but its about the idea.

Some Ideas for perks

Tough Carapace/ Tough Skin:
If you took more than 10.000 Damage during the last 2 seconds gain 20% (or even more , 20% just for the Idea)
damage resistance for 6 Seconds.
for the fourth officer brefing spot

If you got buffed by an allied ship during the last 3 seconds your weapons deal 10% more Damage for 5 seconds.
Weapon briefing

Hive Mind
While you are within 2 km range of your allies everyone moves 5% faster and takes 5 % less Damage.
Slightly increase module cooldowns.

okay so much for the Idea, this is the text I wrote :

Xal Prototypes
"Evolution is the key"

Lead by the scientist Xaleo Yris, Xal Prototypes has its focus on inventing new weapons and hull technologies .
The exact location of their headquarters is unknown but their ships are unmistakebly strong.
Xal Prototypes focouses not solely on causing Damage but on disrupting the Enemeys during
battle. The Hull technology of Xal Ships is notorious. Each ship has a remarkably strong
hull which is capable of withstanding even the strongest attack.
The high focus on a the hull technologie takes lead to a lack of shield technology and small weapon range.
Nontheless the ships delivered by Xal Prototypes offer a strong and versatile solution for every battle.

So this is the first Dossier Ive written, I would appreciate some feedback

I was thinking about a notorious rogue captain,

James Malifur was not just a name,it was like a curse.Whoever said this name brought doom upon his way.
James Malifur was the Captain of the feared destroyer Malis, an allout battleship.
The Malis was known for its unmatched firepower. No other Destroyer could take a fight with the Malis head on, without suffering massive damage.
Malifur was greedy,which turned out to be his doom. Outnumbered during a raid,The Malis and Captain Malifurs fleet were heavily damaged and disapeared.
Now after two years rumors about sightings of the Malis have spread around Sinley Bay.

Hello o7
My name is Captain Lio and I enjoy playing Dreadnought and creative writting, so I thought: Why not combine both?
And here we are If you you have ideas or even already written stuff like Dossiers or Lores on your own, feel free to share your ideas with the community here! if we can get this going im sure we will have a great collection of community written lores and maybe we can inspire the devs with our Ideas