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Dreadnought Community,

It is with heavy heart I seek signatures for this petition to change the game that we all are so interested in and desire to see released successfully. So here are our points of contention with reasoning and suggestions for change. We are all in agreement that with these changes the old players are highly likely to come back and give the game a second chance and new players will be very unlikely to bail quickly.

  1. Maintenance needs to be revamped completely, we suggest that the maintenance fee for quitting a match be increased to the current legendary fleet cost and all other maintenance fee's removed.

    1a. Many people in the game are commonly the best player on their team, especially when solo queing. However with the increase in slots it is even more difficult for a good player to carry a team. We feel the current system places way too much confidence in teams ability to coordinate well with each other. It's also not fair to make everyone who is putting in the time to play and give feedback have to endure an excessive grind because of maintenance. Side note; it would be nice to have the functionality of being able to rejoin a match after crashing. We are eager to see this brought back soon.

  2. Lack of true freedom in progression needs to become more free, we want a broader selection of classes at the Tier 1 level so we can run the ships we want to run.

    2a. An example: I love my rams, yet to get to the best ships for ramming I have to go through ships that I don't care for in the Oberon tree. Especially the Aions. Players should be able to go back and level up those ships and abilities at their own pace.

  3. With maintenance in play the grind is unbearable to get the ships people want, cost should be reduced so that each next Tier costs no more than 300% (for example, overall community feedback provided here should determine the exact numbers) more of the cost of the previous one. Using the current Tier 1 costs as the baseline. So if a Tier 1 costs 164 the Tier 2 should not cost more than 492

    3a. We do not enjoy having to play an insane amount of matches WITH Elite to get to what we want. Especially with how much harder it can be to score high in a match with so many more enemy players to deal with.

These are our arguments for the changes we want, I speak for the signatories when I say they are the barebones items that are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to continued interest in the game. Consider our list, for the future of the game is in the balance. Most of Dreadnought's most fervent and active players have already called it quits, and the health of a game can always be determined by how many original supporters and followers you are able to retain by the 1 year release anniversary. I fear more will continue to leave the game if change isn't announced very very soon. Your move.

Total Signatories: 30 (#49)

well you have my axe

god i hope so

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god bless you sir. T.T

I really enjoy the fact that people go mad crazy about the fact that I am having some fun playing matches instead of whining in forums(or probably i do,by answering to you,what the h3ll)...The funny part is i dont own a tier 3 ship yet,and my heroships are not in fleet till playerbase grows up.But thats ok,i use tier 2 instead,trying to blow people in tier 4 ships,getting a challenge,rather than wishing for an easy mode game or the perfect matchmaker.Next time though try to "shut up" me in a match,as opponent please.

Cuck harder

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what do u mean?you need like 2-3 mins max to get a match,and believe me plenty of people are playing.I am tottaly bored of u people,with one post,never showed on forums,"spreading" doomsday worlds,for a game that is still in closed beta,not even launched.Can someone please delete this?

Oh shut up. We're sick of you pretending this game is going to the stars when it's booster is exploding on the launch pad.

Every thread I've seen discussing this terrible patch, you show up going on and on about how quick the matches are and how much fun you're having. Good for you, I'm glad you feel like a good player now that you're in a T3 shooting T1's.

This game copying World of War Tanks is a terrible idea. The only game that has ever copied it without dying is War Thunder, and that is ONLY because it has a VERY different style of play. (Modules/Crew instead of "Health").

Armored Warfare copied them, almost exactly, the only people playing now are a few people in EU. That game died off incredibly fast when out of no where the Dev's went hard right and tried copying War Tanks. It was really sad sitting in the forums of a promising game watching everyone else tell the Devs "please don't copy world of war tanks, it's a terrible idea, people will hate it". and the devs did it anyways and the player count hemorrhaged.

The game is not "fine" in it's current state, if they push this game that they have created in this patch, it will tank harder than Pauly Shore's career.

Additionally, as someone else pointed out, MODERATE YOUR FORUMS. For two days now there has been some random spammer(s) making the entire front page of your discussion forum random Chinese garbage spam and I've seen the entire page look like that for over 30 minutes. That's embarassing.

god bless you sir. T.T

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My goal with these comments is to help the game attract lots of players, and build a strong player base. To do so, the initial player experience has to be good. "Git Gud", "just dont know how to play" does not help new players into the game. A ship that is easy to learn and use, helps more.

From a Game Design aspect the Morning Star does not achieve it's purpose. It's a free ship given to encourage people to purchase the packs and learn the game, then it needs to be built around helping new players have the most amazing initial experience, get excited about the game, purchase more and play a lot.

much like everything else here it sucks.

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So while i see plenty of people who wrote here,hate the progression system,i do actually enjoy it.

I like the new unlocking system,and i am eager to get to tier 4/5 to see all the possibilities.

The ui and the game overall is much more polished than before,all the small details count.

I like where this is going,cause yes it feels a bit diffrent right now with higher speeds at early tiers,but the feel of Dreadnought we all loved is in higher tiers as i get it,lower speeds,more tactical.

Its just easier to play at the start and i get why this is done,remember all the new players before,trying to figure out how to move,how to use secondaries etc,now you will get all those after u play a bit,and u will know exactly how to use em.Keep up the good work in my opinion.

My only disadvantage right now is a drop on fps,while the benchmark shows steady 57,in game with fraps i see 32+.

so whats the check you get like?i mean i could use a job.

guys what were you thinking? a destroyer, tac, and arty only at the start? and the tier system is garbage if this going to be world of space ship i want my money back.

please don't just turn this into world of tanks in space!