well i think I have that mentioned version still it saying server is not available, I gave up on playing for today. hope it will be solved by tomorrow.

Umm I am confuse mostly you fight against low tier, since it's devided in tier1-2 recruit, tier2-4 veteran ,tier4-5 legendary, in my experience worse I was dragged on tier 3-4 battle as last spot filler mid battle only when I was flying max out tier2 dread.

Wew it's legendary aer from bsgo, hmm nice to see him here.

I am new to this game, liked it, so was wondering what will happen when on full release game goes on steam, I mainly play on steam so, I intend to play it on steam too once it goes on it, so will my progress be reset, and I have to make new account by steam?? I am also not using real money so far , wondering if I will lose it, once games goes on steam,,