Ok im sorry for not being clear, but can someone explain in english how to play this game?

So i hit "play dreadnought" on my desktop and all it does is link me to steam, but on steam there is nothing to download.
How do i play?

So i just played this game did ok with 5 kills, 4 assist, 1 cap and no deaths
Scoreboard say 1330 points but i only get 604 exp in reward, no battlebonus or win bonus, normally i should have got like 10 time more then that.
How come the score is so low?



A couple of min cueues is not my biggest problem, i just finish a game and now i have to wait almost 9 min for the next one... that is n0ot cool, sure i could play a recruit game in the time but i dont have a recruit ship i want to grind so im a bit stuck here...
Why cant i just play what i want to play?

Topic say it all so i dont know what more to add.
Forum activety is close to zero. And thats a hugh tell about the game.
Matchmaking is totally broken, why do i have to wait 8 min to get on a team that are not even close to win?

I want to play veteran battle to keep on grinding but i have to wait up to 10 min after ever battle to start a new one, do i wait 10 min or do i go do something else or play something else instead? ofc i go do something else.

Im very disapointed.