It's just a game, nothing to get worked up about. And like i said, it's the beta phase. People try out stuff like that to see what works, what doesn't what needs fixing etc.

PSN name is H3ret1c88 i'll send you an inv. I'll go check if we have a group up.

Edit: Apparently there's a downtime tonight

You should probably move this thread to the Community / Recruitment section of the forum mate smile

I don't get this attack against Snake_Eatel2. We have established that he's not cheating. Whether the module is broken or not is a matter of discussion. Personally i think it is, because of its very low cooldown but that's just my opinion.

Also i don't see it as an exploit. It's not exploiting a mechanic that's not supposed to be happening. That skill was obviously designed by the devs to work the way it does.. it wasn't an accident. Maybe they miscalculated its effectiveness and they will have to tweak it but that doesn't make it an exploit.

The thing is, it's not Snake's fault for using a module that exists in the game in its beta phase. If anything it's good that he does so that if people complain and the devs find it necessary, it will be addressed. I mean sure, it's annoying but this is why we're playing in this beta, right? He's not transforming the game into anything. He's playing with what he's given and personally through him i found out about a skill that i think should be fixed. Maybe others don't think so. Maybe i can work around it. We'll see.

RadamanZero#8728 posted (#post-120513)

...we are in beta devs must listen to top players, the less, and to average ones, the the way...if they want to survive and earn money from the game...

Also i disagree with this. "Top players" are players that have experiemented more. Devs should take these into consideration A LOT cause "acerage players" can also include inexperienced ones. If we start nerfing everything to suit the average players, when these become better and more experienced they'll be playing an entirely useless and dull game.

Anyway, not meaning to derail the topic. I agree with Dunk and Howdidhekillme. This thread under this title is no longer needed. We could open a thread discussing the specific module i guess.

Or you know.. the same game with the same modes and the only difference is that one mode will appear on PS4 first.

Stop complaining over nothing guys. The PC version of the game already has a ton more stuff that haven't been brought to PS4 yet.

It's the Evasive Maneuver skill for destroyers (and Dreadnought too if i remember correctly) and it has a 4 second cooldown which is bull#$it. It makes it extremely easy to evade things like broadsides, missiles and especially torpedoes and it effectively makes you travel even faster than jump drives would allow you because of that stupid low cooldown. We've played many time but no, it's not cheating. Just a broken skill.

That thing needs to get fixed. Give it a good 12 second cooldown AT LEAST in my opinion.

Snake we'd love to get you in the squad but i kind of hate you for that skill man -_-

Well you can get ideas from others (i personally don't use the Jutland yet so i can't suggest something from personal experience) but you'll only know what works best for you if you experiment yourself. If you're playing on PS4 and not on PC, you can experiment easier now that there are wipes and see what works and what doesn't.

I've seen builds that others use and but didn't fit my playstyle at all.

Indeed, the closed beta is over and we don't even have an horizon for the open beta and the next phases of he game, at least even roughly but from official hands.

When can we get back in the game and get more ships and what can we expect to see? Fixes? Additions?

Guys we have to understand that right now the number of players on the beta is probably pretty low, which is the reason why we had T2's going up against T4's in veteran fleets. The devs said it's temporary. Now if we also add parameters such as k/d ratio, average points etc in matchmaking, we'll either be getting queues that last 2 days, or it won't make any difference whatsoever cause when the game won't be able to find enough people with similar skill with you, it's going to disregard these parameters entirely and matchmake you with any player it finds, simply so that you can at least play a game.

Matchmaking with similar skill players would be great but we need more numbers for that. I'd rather be able to play a game as it is going up against players with greater skill (it's a great way to learn anyway), than to spend half a day waiting for the game to find players with similar stats.

I go 12-2 on my Dreadnought.. NERF DREADNOUGHTS, THEY'RE OP!! It takes more than 1 ships to focus on them so that they can be brought down.. oh wait...


Yes sure, let's make a poll about ship balance in a game that doesn't even have comms yet and most newbies just warp ahead alone in the first 5 seconds of the game, only to die under the fire of 5 enemy ships and then ragequit. Let's give these guys a vote option on what to nerf right? Ignore the numbers, listen to the salt. Good call man. Why didn't the Devs think of that earlier?

Sayonara#7054 posted (#post-120277)


I know your kind - blind ppl who play only with more powerfull ships (chars in another games) and own players with weak ships. Ppl which think that them has a "MLG PRO" skill, but actually just have more powerfull ship. Ppl which change class every patch to OP class.

1) Ballista 12k hp, 1060 dpr VS Onager 15k hp, 1780 dpr, and not in your interests to remember of accessible modules.

Kreshnik 16k hp, 1300 dpr VS Stribog 20k hp, 2250 dpr, and not in your interests to remember of accessible modules.

Chernobog 45k hp VS Voronezh 60k hp, and not in your interests to remember of accessible modules.

And now try to сompare this stats with different ships, like T3 Otranto vs Medusa or same.

1.1 - and not in your interests to remember of officier briefings

2) T3 to T4 ~ around 100k exp and 100k credits, with on the average 3500 XP and 2500 credits from the match - around 35 matches with one ship (forget, that ordinary player need choose ship class based on enemieis and allies).

5 min queue and 7 min matches ~ 9-10 rounds in two hours. It's common playing week, don't see "less than a week of very lazy play". It will be a lazy play and more enjoyable if we dont have T4 in our matches.

3)Multiple players gave you a TON of arguments, why corvettes is OP and should be nerfed, but yet you continuing prefer take no notice of that.

Are you seriously pointing out the differences between tiers trying to complain about the obvious - that higher tiers are better than lower tiers ? What did you expect them to be the same? What's the point in having different tiers then? These differences are not so game breaking as you make them sound. Personally i grinded to T4 without trouble. I faced T4 destroyers and Dreads with my Gravis before i got the Lorica and even though they were better i didn't find myself in a situation where i "got owned".

Also what exactly do you mean by "blind ppl who play only with more powerfull ships (chars in another games) and own players with weak ships" ? What you're saying makes no sense when talking about this game. If he's using strong ships, it means that he had to go through the weak ships first. He had to go through the same ships as you do, in order to get higher tiers. He possibly also had to fight better ships. It's not like he grabs a T4 and clubs people in T1. The T2 vs T4 problem will be sorted cause the difference there is indeed huge, but T3 vs T4 is manageable.

So far the only thing i wouldn't mind seeing nerfed in Corvettes is the heavy cloak. Other than that i wouldn't call them OP. We've had a group running almost all weekend with people from PS4 in order to try to play the game with comms in a co-ordinated manner and see what works, what needs fixing etc, and none of us had any problems with Corvettes. They were spotted, reported and easily dispatched every time. I saw tractors and stasis combined with broadsides or pulses working wonders against them. If anything i think we had more trouble by artillery cruisers than by corvettes by far.

I believe that in any team that uses comms like we did and have a basic sense of working with the team instead of straying alone, if you nerf vettes they'll be absolute garbage.