I only had a quick glance, can't say much about the bugs/fixes atm but... what's the deal with the new sounds effects? Who decided that going from deep cannonade sounds to nerf gun pewpew's was a great idea? I thought this was a game about big capital ship scale combat, not combat with star trek phase-pistols.

Why fix something that's not broken? Of all the feedback about all the other real issues, someone decided that time should be spent on improving the sound effects, which i've seen no player complaining about? I know it's not a huge issue and it can be fixed easily but it's seriously disheartening seeing already good elements of the game being changed to something arguably worse. Let's focus on the real, reported issues shall we?

Sounds good! I've played a couple of matches with you in the past. Good experience smile

I wouldn't mind running some recruit fleet rounds. We've had a few to help another guy in our group level up to Veteran and to my recollection we didn't run into any higher tier matches.

Battle and glory shall be our mistress this weekend brothers!


Lol that was a risky move, i was waiting there hidden for your destroyers to move past me and hopefully i could catch either you or Kat in your tacticals. I was hoping so hard that i'm not spotted on the radar!

I used the tractor beam on you and i'm pretty sure it grabbed you at first. Then next thing i knew the tractor beam was on your healing pod instead (i don't know how it switched targets) and apparently you can't pull pods.. it looked like they're immovable or something, so instead my Dreadnought was the one being pulled towards the pod while you were escaping :')

I swear if i wasn't trying so hard to kill you, i'd be in tears from laughing. I effectively anchored myself.

Once again, great healing. I was able to stay alive for quite a while and get many kills with you behind me.

I'm confident we'll find more people either from here or from the community group. We'll post in there a bit. Hopefully new players will decide to join and we can help them gain some xp and climb through the tiers a bit. It's a good step towards the learning coalition you proposed.

You better be single btw. I doubt your missus will appreciate your weekend bonanza idea much smile

Good initiative Dunk. I for one, had a blast. Good games, fun time, everyone was friendly. These matches are very good for practice both for older and newer players. I agree that the random matchmaking can be fun with different matchups. Sometimes a match can be a bit one-sided but even in these few cases i think we still have fun.

Howdidhekillme#9382 posted (#post-119918)

That was a good group, no trash talk and great competition. I even kind of enjoy that we can't pick our team, the random grouping adds to unpredictable competition.

F*XOFF that's you, right? (the filter won't even let me type your username smile)

It's 4 points on PS4 as well, no?

Eh good point indeed. I've played a few 8v8's on PC but to be honest i didn't pay much attention on the points each kill gives. I remember i had like 11-12 kills and like 5 deaths or so. Not much different from some PS4 games i've played. So considering there's more people than in PS4 i'm guessing the system with the points is somewhat different. The game's length seemed to be roughly the same too iirc.

Soon i hope. I'd wouldn't mind it but i'd like to be able to choose between 5v5 or 8v8. Sometimes 8v8 can be too chaotic.

I agree with you, lack of loadouts is a big problem, you can't know what to expect so you have to go with something that might cover various situations and if you can't change to adapt in-game, that's a problem. I think both these options (loadouts and joining as a group) will be coming soon though. Perhaps we should wait a bit more until then to see what needs fixing.

I wasn't talking about you in the first place, was I? Talk about hubris..

Flak could indeed be improved but i don't think they were designed to insta-kill corvettes anyway. they're too fast and run out of your range. Combined with stasis mods though, flaks they can be quite effective. Regardless, i too would like to see flak being improved.

I'm talking about nerfs cause i've seen a lot of people talking about messing with the corvette itself.. i even read people asking for it to be made bigger and slower. Sure, one destroyer wasn't enough in the game i guess.

And no, it's not about lack of skill as much as it is lack of willingness to go out of your way and stick with your team, look around you, spot and aid your team in taking down the corvette instead of dying alone on the border of the map with no friendlies in sight. Most people will just play the way they deem is more fun and when they die they'll blame it to an OP ship, not even thinking that maybe they did something wrong.

I never said i don't lack in skill anyway, i just recognize when something that kills me can be countered or not and in my experience against them (again, not talking about tankvettes) they can be countered and if i play accordingly, i don't have a problem against vettes. If other players are doing it, why not you or him etc?