Grand Admiral Thrawn



Thanks for the answer!

-GA Thrawn

I wanted to ask some questions about ship decorations that I didn't find any answers for:

  1. When I go to Emblems it says something like: "Can be used on this ship and all of this size." Does this mean that say I buy the Kraken Emblem for my T3Jupiter Arms corvette, I can use it on any other Corvette as well?

  2. When I buy a coating for say my T4 Akula Vector Dreadnought, can I use it only on that ship or on other Dreadnoughts too?

It would be really nice if I got an answer.

-GA Thrawn

Well that is very sad, since I think the idea of it is very cool, especially with the playable fighters, and in the Career progression is a quest that I will never be able to finish then.
But thanks for the answers.

This is for the Devs: You are doing a great job with this game, and I really love it.

But it kind of is repetetive, we only have 3 game modes since Team Elimination doesn't seem to exist anymore. New maps, ship tiers or classes(maybe) or simply new game modes. I would really love something like PvE game modes you play in a small team and have to complete an objective like defeating a boss or something like that or maybe even a whole campaign/story mode, since I really like the deep lore of the game.

Anyway, the game is awesome and the things mentioned above could make it even more awesome.

Also, please bring back Team Elimination. Please.

-GA Thrawn

Where did the Team Elimination mode go on the Dreadnought Steam version?
I really want to play that mode as it seems super fun from what I have seen, but it doesn't appear anywhere for me.
Is that an issue just with the Steam version or is that on any platform?

-GA Thrawn

I want the kraken Decal back in the market.
And I want skin color alteration. I want blue skin so I can really become Thrawn.

But are they still unlockable in the game? Because I'd really like to have them.

So that is why I couldn't find the Kraken stuff as of now! Then I'll sit down in front of my PC tomorrow and level up a bit!