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We're sorry for the inconvenience. Are you experiencing this on PC or PS4?


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sigh migs really?

regardless of the version (pc/ps4): if you havent got a single t1 ship in your fleet > you are automaticaly matched vs t3/4 opponents when playing t2 ships

this means that the only way to guarantee you wont be facing t3/4 opponents = keep at least 1 T1 ship in your recruit fleet at all times.

it's a known 'isuse' that's working as intended

I'm ok with this solution for the time being BUT.. how do I stop that T1 ship "stealing" experience?

So I'm an up and coming player. Exploring the tier 2 range of ships, nothing fully upgraded yet. I start matching for any, in recruit fleet. Sometimes (last night it was EVERY fight), I end up in a vet fight however. I have only access to my recruit fleet I have.

Why is this happening? Why can't I seem to play recruit games anymore?

It's not fun to die from t4s and t3s with my half upgraded t2. Given, it makes me stay with the team and practice good group skills, but it's still frustrating.

I found a roundable fix and thats to use Dual Monitor tools. It allows you to "lock" your cursor to one monitor via hotkey.

I too am having this. It's not been doing it up till today, and then sunddenly it's doing it now. I've no idea why..

Title question. I know it starts tomorrow/friday, but when does it end?