Like my title says I am just a Forum Admin. Keeping watch over these walls of text, attempting to keep them clean and free of unwanted spam. I post when I need to, but mostly work in the shadows. You may have seen my counter part Draex around, he is a bit more vocal then me.

I mean, its totally not like I used this post, as an excuse to use that gif or anything....

But I did mean it with the whole don't get spammy thing, just keep it under control.

Also where do I keep my scissors? It's. A. Secret!

Hello Silver,

I come baring warnings. While we love our community and interacting with them, be careful not to get overzealous with your postings. If you wish to keep an off topic log, you may do so, just restrict your musings to one thread please. Spam is not looked kindly on around these parts. You would not like to be on the receiving end of my scissors.

Other then that it was a pretty entertaining read. Keep up the good work! You never know who is watching.

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions.

While I appreciate the intrinsic learning activity of counting incrementally higher. I am going to cut this topic short at the number 5.

Plus a reminder that threads devoid of content or that are so woefully off topic will also be silenced. So please post responsibly.

Hello and welcome to the forums captain!

Welcome to the forums Captain!

We are excited too!

They have been taken care of. We will always attempt to get rid of spam as soon as we can. For the moment though, I am going to close this thread, as it has served its purpose.


Yes you are allowed to stream and make videos.

Thank you for your Feedback and Suggestions.