So to further that - Im lvl 8 in match with a 41-30 17-13

Enemy Team is similar 37-32-29-12-15

How effective am im in these matches?

About as much use a chocolate fire guard.

So i entered recruit on the next match - get put with some of the same people, except now im stuck in T2 vs people using IV modules and god knows what ships ( Lets just say it was horrible )

50 -31 - 45-17-ME ( Lvl 8 ) Vs


Everyone else is in higher tier ships ( 3+4?? ) even though recruit should be Tier 2 max?

The main perception that they are op probably comes from the bad matchmaking. You have on one end someone who is new to their Tier with no modules vs someone from a higher tier with all their modules and much more experience. This happens soooooo much and you can bet your life this is where the opinion X is op is coming from. Im experiencing as a newbie in T3 - I have maxed out T4's destroying me and soaking my damage.

Whats the point of being able to see something that i cant hit because its out of my aim/turn range anyway?! Game has a wide enough Pov. Im constantly finding myself where the direction im facing and the direction my guns are facing are well out of sync and it only takes a second to happen but like 20 seconds to correct - by then youve missed your opportunity or died as a result of not being incontrol of your directional movement enough >_< An option to lock the aim for weapons with limited turn would be awesome.

Tonight has been really good matchmaking, say 2-3 minutes and then literally from 11:15 im now in a 20+ minute que.

( Onslaught ) Going to try Tdm and if that doesnt work i will have to turn the game off?! I dont think ive been in a position where i had to do something like this before >_<

Yeah i think thats probably right. I do feel massively underpowered/weak when playing veteran matches.

I use Machias and my dmg seems really low + the dmg i can take seems non-existent xD ( Not hugely tech invested as losing in Veteran doesnt really give much ) Compared to Dover in recruit which destroys smile

P.s Wtf is Kreshnik - that thing is terrible! ( imo! )

I dont know if this is even a problem or if its perfectly normal but..... I see alot of the time players who have killed me with lvl 8 modules while im rocking a T3 ship with Lvl2 modules? Like this is almost every single match to be honest.

Matchmaking can be very hit and miss. I often play late Uk time say 11pm or later and the only thing i can play is TDM with say 10-15 minute que times. 5pm-11pm i get pretty decent match times but only on TDM - everything else makes me wait to the point where i just leave the que and put it back into TDM again.

It just feels way too much hard work. Can we have an option to disallow our camera to outmanouver our actual aiming turn/range? I find myself way too often trying to keep up with an enemy and finding my camera/aiming range completely out of sync. I feel like the turning speed should be similar to when you use energy to boost movement.