holy cp, I've been trying to grind for two days now and still not there. I guess this game is not for the casual player at all? My wifes getting *** lol. People would buy the game if you would just sell it. Get rid of the grind, or make things cosmetic and have that be the main focus. I played this when it first came out and its not as fun now. Right now there is too much of a grind and it's become a chore, and no longer fun. Not enough carrot and to much stick!

Thanks all for your replies!

Wow I just looked at t3 ships. I have 2000 xp and it takes 20000! How long does that take to grind? Is this like the For Honor system where it would take someone like 900 hours and $749.00 for all the unlocks? I like the game just don't know how many can hang in that long to unlock the ships they want.

(for honor)

This means you have to play for 77 days to grind enough Steel to unlock all the aesthetic items for just one hero. As bystander007 calculates, you'd need 915 days, or two-and-a-half years to get all the unlocks for all the characters. God knows what state the world - let alone Ubisoft's servers - will be in by then.