I've heard multiple reports of players quitting the game due to physical trauma caused by this game's scramble effects. It seems to be having a massive impact on player retention, and needs to be addressed ASAP.

Does scrubber even counter drain and disrupt?

The current iteration of the Bombers module is one of the most unfair ways to shutdown a dreadnought in this game. Just click a button, and bombers fly out and repeatedly and constantly scramble the enemy, rendering them essentially unable to aim or fight effectively until the bombers finally run out of fuel a minute later. The problem is that though bombers are theoretically possible to shoot down, the ship being targeted by the bombers has no reasonable way to actually aim at the bombers to eliminate them, on account of being scrambled. Because of this, they should instead be reworked to deal module disrupt and moderate energy drain on each of their attack runs, making them just as effective at shutting down enemies without removing them from the fight for prolonged periods.

Isn't ghosting a hardware limitation?

It doesn't matter if it's a bug or not, it's a mechanic in the game that doesn't work. It needs to be changed.

For some idiotic reason, the developers have decided that all buff pulses are completely nullified on allies with shields. This means that dreadnoughts are basically unable to benefit from them at all due to the fact that they rely on having shields up for very long periods, and players don't benefit from them unless they time shield drops right and do so without being obliterated. This needs to be changed. Buff pulses should work on ally ships that have shields up.

Module kills contracts essentially force players to run suboptimal builds and strategies in order to be effective. While modules are usually used to inflict status effects and burst damage, they aren't good at finishing off opponents that are brought low by other weapons, at least not without horrible use of them. Thus, module kills contracts see players doing the following:

  • Refusing to shoot enemies so that their torpedoes/missiles/whatever can secure the kill, often letting the enemy escape or kill them in the process.

  • Running builds with absolutely no utility in hopes that one of their damaging modules will score a kill, leaving them unable to contribute against enemies with strong ship builds.

  • Using modules in unintended ways to force kills out of them (I've seen people try to drop enemies to exactly the amount of health where a drain/disrupt pulse finishes the target off with the poke damage several times).

IMO, module kills should count kills within 5 seconds of landing a hit with a module on the target, to enable more modules to be used to accomplish these missions.

If you want to compete with your chosen ship class, you need to be able to play every single ship type in the game. It doesn't matter if you just want to play your dreadnoughts, you won't be able to make a viable dreadnought build without grabbing the GMGS briefing from machias, meaning that you will be forced to play corvettes, and play them well if you don't want to spend 12 hours grinding the ship out to get the crucial briefings. Some alternate form of unlock is needed here.

Vindi's base maneuverability rating is 13 higher than a Medusa. If the 2 ships started at the same point and hit forward with no briefings impacting the result, the vindi would win consistently. Plus, the vindi also has a full 360 field of fire, the capability to equip an instakill ram module, and a massive array of high-damaging weapons (along with 50% more health).

Seriously, these corvettes are so slow that the Vindicta, a destroyer, can outrun them with their higher maneuverability factor. They're so slow that they can barely catch an enemy artillery or tactical cruiser using power to engines. Increase the maneuverability factor of these ships by at least 10 or so to at least compete with the vindicta in the speed department.