SOLUTIONS PROBLEM : Locate to your Local Disk > Users > Your PC Name > AppData > Local > DreadGame > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor

Delete "GameUserSettings". This will revert your graphics to default.

Launch the game.

Tahts help for me smile

Crash game just after the entrance to the hangar . I tried to install a new game, and the same repair client game. I thought that it is just like the server is offline but online people write that it is turned on before the game I was working normally. I have no idea what is wrong?

I can not even do a screenshot I had to do phone

Witam wszystkich , chętnie zagram z kimś , polatamy pogadamy wymienimy doświadczenie smile

For me, the servers are down, played earlier in the alpha testing today got the code for the closed beta, 27 play probably the only people who bought the pack . smile

For me server down too smile