This so much.
Can't play with friends so it won't be long til I give up on this I expect!
I can't think of any modern games that do this

If you mean the VII that appears in the top left of the box, its wrong. Check the symbol under the image next to the weapon's name. That is its actual level. I thought the same thing until I saw that. Just a visual bug

Downloaded it few days ago.
I enjoy the concept, and think its great but I have a few major issues with it.

Optimization, is terrible. Every menu feels laggy, selecting upgrades and different ships is a chore. Long loading times too

The region lock for MM. Why is this here? Long match times with more Ai than humans most of the time. Plus I convinced friends to play however, I can't play with them because of this.

The grind gets excessively steep at T3 imo, but maybe because games last so long. (I put up with WT and WoT grind).

Hopefully things get better!