I've got everything from my purchase except the Hero ships.

Well, since the God-Emperor often led fleets and commanded ships from the front during the Great Crusade.... It's technically the The Emperor Of Mankind. Take all of the other candidates put together in a room against the Emperor. It's over in 1 second.

Other than that, Benjamin "Definitely not Space Jesus" Sisko.

As someone who plays Vette, just use the tractor beam, and keep an energy pool for shields.

Most of my kills are from waiting for someone who's shooting at a target to shunt to weapons and run low.

And the tractor beam is ridiculously effective against Vettes.

It hasn't been functioning properly for me for the last few hours.

Soon we'll switch to the full Closed Beta, and it'll wipe it all out anyways I believe, so I wouldn't stress.

Most of the default loadouts are actually really solid so it should be playable in the meantime.

XoXoTALONoXoX#0853 posted (#post-25573)

How long will the founders pack be on sale for???

No idea, though I'd assume at least through the beta, probably up till and including a window in launch, but that's a complete guess.

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Good Rebuttal minus the insult thrown in about math smile

How do you justify the lack of transparency with the late start as being "Scheduled Maintenance" and what would you say to very eager folks who took the day off work to get in and play?

Also how do you justify Hero ships STILL being unavailable to a large percentage of the Founder base?

Access is directly mentioned, it being a mouse over or in an FAQ doesn't make it any less relevant to what you are purchasing. Again 12-13 hours late. If you ordered a movie on PPVTV for 48hours and didn't have access to it for the first 13 requiring you to wait that would be unacceptable. Why should the games industry be held at a lower standard than other businesses?

5 Hero ships are also directly mentioned and still not accessible to a bunch of people.

That wasn't an insult, it was factual. You failed to count to 6.

Also, all of your complaints are addressed in the EULA. You don't like it, you shouldn't have bought it. This is the standard for ALL digital goods. There's a reason why all of this would never even make it inside a court room, and it's because you already tossed it all by making an account and agreeing. All of your arguments are based off of purposeful ignorance, you feel by ignoring the EULA and the actual agreement you made when you purchased and made an account, it just doesn't matter? "No one reads that anyways" isn't a real excuse when you're throwing around the verbiage you are.

Let me just go ahead and post some images from the EULA easily accessible on the site before purchase.

This covers all the complaints about access to services, including game servers.

And this covers what you actually "own" (which is nothing)

This is all super standard stuff in every single online game.

Desy#1728 posted (#post-25046)

I clicked a link via an email advert.

I landed on a purchase page which again had no mention of an incomplete product. In fact it states even in it's FAQ on the purchase page that I get a 2 day head start with NO mention of possible service interruption. Based off that I am missing 25% of what was advertised, plain and simple.

I bought and paid for a product and during that process has no mention of services possibly not being delivered in full as promised nor is it covered in the Terms of Service.

So your math is terrible.

There were 6 components, and one of them was PARTIALLY short of what you expected.

Not to mention the beta as a whole is going to be months, so that 48 hours is a small part of part 6.

So you're looking at missing maybe 3-5% of what you paid for.

Let's take a peak at the actual ad.

In the ad, you actually don't see any direct mention of the early access to the beta. That shows that it's certainly not one of the primary selling points. It's just something that pops up when highlighting the beta point. It's a small bonus for one of the points.

Here's a list in the faq of what the pack contains, same faq you got your shot from.

Again, the actual point is the beta access.

Even in your screenshot, that's actually the answer to when you get access to beta, showing it's a little piece.

Yeah, you can be peeved that it's taking awhile for a lot of people, and they were a little slow to start, but that's within reason of participating in a beta. If you don't have the common sense to know what you're getting into by buying participation, and then go and make a huge strawman argument framing your issue as a much larger part of the whole, you're just going to be dismissed, and any legitimate complaint ignored. You're reaching.

Edit: clarity/spelling.

The destroyer class really appeals to me, but I'm playing mostly solo so I've been going Vette.

I really enjoy the high risk/high reward playstyle, and a feeling of using your wits when fighting forces that are observant. Unobservant people are free kills. Stealthed vette duels are a blast.

I have run into comps that were particularly heavy, 3 dreds, 1 destroyer, 1 tactical for example, that if they know what they're doing I feel ineffective. I strafe, they shield up and never have the tactical far from the destroyer, and I'm just bouncing off, lucky I live.

But I actually like that aspect of it. The times where I feel really challenged, they're what make the times where I get to completely rek someone who isn't paying attention feel rewarding.