Hi All,

I'm wondering if we are able to swap out ships in our 5 hangar slots for each tier. I can't seem to find a way to replace a ship, seems like a feature that is needed if it is not in place.

If you want to post constructive feedback that people will listen to, don't swear at or insult them. You just come across as thinking your entitled and no one will listen, even if you have a valid point. Treat people with respect and you will get it back.

I really don't know if that is doable from a lag point of view, maybe 10vs10 at the extreme but i think a 20vs20 would be a lagfest

20v20 is a bit insane, I would like to see larger maps and teams but that seems like lag would end up playing a major role. 8 vs 8 maybe.

They sent me a new code, code didnt work lol. Quality.

There's a wipe before launch, the discount is so we can test during beta.

There are 20 different threads on this, search first......

they are aware and working on it, you just have to leave it, it will download just slowly, there is no fix right now

They are working on a patch to fix the issue. For now you just have to leave it open and ignore it, it will download, just in bursts and will take awhile.

People just like raging on the interwebs over nothing.