Submit a request to our support team and we'll see what they can do for you. Please have all your transaction information when submitting the ticket or calling.

SteelReaper#2136 posted (#post-24226)

Hmmm until yet no Email recived and notin in my Spamfolder. I got an Email from paypal...thats all. :-(

Hi there,

I'd suggest reaching out to our support department. You can file a ticket here:

Be sure to include all of your purchase information. Cheers!

TheChaosGrinder#3794 posted (#post-24170)

Question remains; Do Alpha testers get a beta invite too ? Or do we need to purchase a founders pack ?

Yes Alpha testers will have immediate access for themselves. However they will only receive the Founders Pack items by purchasing one (or both!) of those packs. This is the only way to get the Fleet Recruitment invites. smile

Hi there,

You can view the system requirements in the FAQ located at the bottom of this page:

Wahlnutz#2170 posted (#post-24047)

Awesome!! Got a response on Twitter. Enjoy everyone!!!

From the Tweet:

"Streamers will be able to stream during the closed beta, yes"


Welcome to the community!

Whoopsie. Thanks for the heads up, we'll get that fixed as soon as possible.

Welcome :)

From all of us here at Greybox, welcome!