Did they ever fix Elite Status drain?
I know there was many suggestion topics here back in the day with suggestions.

Back in 2018-ish:
it used to be that if you have say a weeks worth of elite status.
It would drain daily day-by-day even if you can't log in during the middle of the week.
And there was no way to simply bank those days or hours and use them 1 day at a time later on either.

Anyways just curious if that has changed or not?

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-277008) said:

Yeah the "source" in that video has been known to be full of it. So I'd take there posts with a mountain of salt. They have also posted saying they where thinking about investing in DN only 2 weeks ago..... So yeah. I'd not believe them as a credible source.

Fair enough, although devs appear to be completely absent for awhile now, see dev tracker below

ie. Miguel last on forums Feb 13th, and since then only 3 replies all from DN_Space_Ghost.

I would prefer to believe they're all taking some vacation time finally.


Or preferablly looking into how to roll back the last big patch...

The patch before that last one saw steam's reviews steadily climb from Novembers low of lows into the upper 60s percenage of postitive.

And the last patch saw the reviews nose dive within 2 weeks into the 30s.

Taking out the fun from a game isn't good and I rather hope they roll back the clock, then try patching 1 thing at a time after that.

A quick search on youtube gives some interesting results:

Dreadnought RUMORS 2019

Just a freindly reminder that anything on youtube should be taken lightly.

They just flubbed another massive patch and steam ratings dropped by 50% causing the 3rd exodus.

But will they wake up and reverse the patch and then do things right and only patch a couple things at a time to test...

But I don't think they will because I too think SixFoot has been deeply shaken by the Very recent layoffs.

Hopefully a dev like DNMiguelItUp will respond and let us know if they have considered reversing the patch...

It would be nice to see Dreadnought succeed, but really still needs some polishing up.

Here's 25 reasonable constructive feature suggestions for devs to consider to improve quality overall.

* This topic is NOT for opinions on "balancing" (ship, weapon, module), bugs or trolls.


  1. Change tiers been requested since tiers introduced in beta. (yes we know about the: T1+T2, T2+T3, T4+T5)

    The current tiers (T1+T2, T3+T4, T4+T5) don't buffer the T3 from T4 by allowing some buildup of T3 ship ability/strength before moving onto matches against T4 and is an issue that everyone recognizes.

    Suggest devs simply change tiers to:

    T1+T2 = Recruit

    T2+T3 = Fêted (alias: Famed/Noteworthy/Notorious/Notable/Renown)

    T3+T4 = Legendary

    T4+T5 = Veteran

  2. Currently have 3 fleets, If/When doing the above, then add a Fourth Fleet choice.

  3. Separate the queues for solo/team play.

    Perhaps consider adding toggle setting for Solo to join Solo & Team play???

  4. Change match level text before player clicks "join", to reflect what player picked.

    ie. Click (T1) Fleet Recruit > Any > says Legendary or Veteran above "Join" button.

  5. Change/fix Contracts no rewards given after clicking acknowledge.

    Giving in previous match is completely contrary to how other games work and non-intuitive.

    Players think the game is buggy, use support, and is bad for player retention.

  6. Change how Premium time counts down 1 day (24 hours).

    Allow player to be able to activate 1 day (or more) at a time.


    Activate Premium time would only countdown 24 hours based on login.

    ie. Monday player activates 7 days of 30 days banked, player login Mon and Tues.

    Leaving 5 days on Sat when player logged in next.

  • Time starts counting down 24 hours at time of activation/login.

  • OR... time counts down upon login and minus server's start-of-day time 1:00am.

    (ie. Currently weekend players use 9-12 days, lose 18-22 days Premium time per month.)

  1. Add customized Captain's appearance to:

    Pre-match (ship lineup) screen

    All avatar images in Squad

    * add friend (join squad) requests

  2. Add ship-type icon near avatar image along top in pre-match (ship lineup) screen.

    And change icon if player changes ship to another type before match starts.

  3. Add image of the ship most used on/near avatar in post-match (1st/2nd/3rd) screen??

  4. Changing avatar's gender should not remove all changes made/saved to previous gender.

  5. In ships owned page, add icon(S) to indicate if in Fleet 1, 2, 3, AND if Profile A or B.

  6. In editing ship page, next to profile A and B add icon to indicate if in Fleet 1, 2, or 3.

  7. In Edit Fleet page, next to each ship add icon to indicate if Profile A and B.

  8. Add sort by Ship Tier filters to Owned Ships section.

  9. Add [x] filter to not-show/only-show Hero Ships to Owned Ships section.

  10. Add icon for any Hero ships in Owned Ships and Manage Fleet section.

  11. Edit ship loadout, click a weapon available for research to see video and long description.

    Make video and long description available for purchased weapons.

  12. In ship appearance section, add icon or words to indicate if coating/pattern is,

    per ship only, manufacturer-class, or account-wide.

  13. Save images on computer locally for Market, query server for any changed images.

    For a changed image just add "?" on top old image while downloading new image.

  14. Add Patterns for sale in market that are account-wide (all ships). (ie. dazzle, woodland camo, etc)

  15. Add more ship appearance parts and sell them in market, with the names of ships they work on.

  16. Consider adding Steam DLC to buy/gift Premium Time, and/or GP (Gold Coins).

  17. Get rid of "press any key" login screen, no game needs 4 login screen steps.

    Currently, start DN from Steam > Client loader > Load screen > "press any key" login screen.

  18. Allow players to drag/move ship positions on Fleet management screen.

    Because the first ship is what will autospawn on match and round starts.

  19. Remove/decrease cooldown for Fleet Bonus based on players effectiveness in match.

    Getting any "Best of Team", OR Rank 1/2/3, should noticeably reduce cooldown.

    Getting any "Best of Match" should reduce (or remove) cooldown.

    * Getting multiple "Best of" or Rank 1/2/3 would stack to reduce cooldown.


Doing all the above should noticeably increase quality of gaming and player retention.

PS. Request all toxic non-constructive non-positive posts be heavily moderated in this topic ty.

Because focus here is to give devs at least one positive topic to investigate how they might improve game.

"our team invited a small group of our highest skilled players to discuss our balance"

Seen this before, usually a small group of players (often small group of friends) that just don't understand nor care about the game beyond their play-style, and can't comprehend how/why others might play differently and often go full blown bug-eyed bonkers when others have a differing opinion, and often make/endorse recommendations that will give their group the advantage...

Just because one of the loudest, daily forum poster/troll, "high skilled", whale player has something to say...
Does NOT mean they have the best interests for the game, nor know whats best for the game.
Which means devs only taking advice from one small "elite" group ends up with an unbalanced game.
Also it often breeds loathing and rumors for those few (ie: "Devs pets"/"paid-to-play"/"Dev-alts"/etc.).


Sure greygoo has some positive reviews (only 41% positive atm) and sure Rime has a lot of good reviews (atm).
But I predict Dreadnought will have a lot of negative reviews because: its slow paced, unfinished, needs a lot of polishing for the masses, and greybox isn't fast at reacting to fans and will do nothing for months.

  • Took years for greybox to listen about Elite Status giving ~ +50% boost XP + Credits match earnings.

  • The 2016 "Blind-side Beta" killing player-base within 3 months and caused the first exodus.

  • Ignoring post-patch black screen launcher, blaming player's computers over launcher issues since Alpha.

  • "immediate access" founders ships blocked until players unlock a ship's tier...

  • The post match maintenance-fees that stayed for about a year causing the second exodus.

Greybox will need to learn and adapt much faster on the steam platform with Dreadnought.

Well best of luck. - Sincerely Max (Lurking)

More Captian gear was asked for often and there was a lot of suggestions on these forums and I recall a dev saying stuffs on the way... But that was just before the blindside beta update and the exodus of playerbase and so there really wasn't any changes to captain gear.
Suggestions back then were heavy on DLC/Webshop purchases of captain bling to help monetize/support the game.
- lurking

ty and hopefully this post will be good for any other oldies returning.

I let the launcher start downloading before your reply so hopeful it works.

Hopefully it works, otherwise I'll find that 18GB download and see how to fresh install from that later on.

Update: it updated itself and works just fine without the complete wipe and reinstall.

I think the game copy i had was just too old for the updater to keep anything.

Tutorial is fine but don't like the new Bix dialog or his attitude at all.

Word is ship "maintenance" is finally removed, took a long time for devs to consider for our suggestions on that...

Anyways, I haven't bothered to update since, so about a year (launcher said 2016, until it updated a few minutes ago)

I fully expected to do a full install or something close to it, but 18gb seems pretty unoptimized.

Looks bad, looks real bad...

6 posts in and no one is blindly trying to defend the dev's patch, or this hotfix.

And haven't read anything on forums this last month that would make me update DN.