Op is just another variation of Soon™

But i did hear that its been submitted for certification and supposed to be coming next week with more news monday

Fingers crossed for it passing certification

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It's been, what, a week since the last mention of anything to do with the PS4?

About that. A twitter post on Oct. 19 stating they were working on PS4 and to check their social media. That's basically all of the info on PS4 since the Steam launch. With the lack of info and responses, I can only imagine how much of the PS4 crowd they've alienated. Apparently taking a few minutes for an update isn't worth protecting future revenue streams.

This is what gets me worried, that and the situation we find ourselves in (a few days longer than pc turning into nearly 3 weeks) with no real change in status updates.
Its either very bad pr or there isnt a future (ps4) revenue stream left to protect

Come on, 6 foot.

its time for a status update or an obituary...what on earth are you guys doing?

I guess you're getting tired of being fluffed too...

Today or not today, that is the question.

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The team has been working weekends and up to 2AM/3AM every night. We will be working again this weekend crazy hours.

That is crazy hours, no rest for the wicked i guess

Thanks for the heads up DN_Svenice

Yeah i get that, but you cant please everyone all the time and the lack of communication on this is pretty absurd.

Sorry dude but "very close" does not provide any clarification especially for the ps4 players.
we dont even know if it will be this week or not....absurd