I’d like to briefly talk about changes (and issues) we introduced in 1.9.1 along with the Ultra HD Mode.

First of all, we owe you a big apology for the inconveniences caused and for the bad communication of these changes.

Ultra HD Mode was originally intended to hotfix the wrong UI scaling on 4k screens leading to tiny and barely readable UI elements during matches. It turned out that various uncommon native screen resolutions wouldn’t work as well with this hotfix as we had anticipated, as some of you have painfully experienced (thanks for letting us know!). As a consequence, we’re removing the hotfix again with the next release, the date of which has yet to be confirmed.

On top of that, we introduced a few issues with the Ultra HD mode hotfix, such as the resolution being reset on the next client start, which slipped during internal testing and thus made their way into the live game. Again, sorry for that.

For those among you with an interest in the technical details:

The hotfix’s idea was, simply put, to render the UI in Full HD while rendering the actual game in 4k - avoid the wrong UI scaling, but still have nice and crisp game visuals in 4k. But why hotfixing the UI scaling issues, you may ask, instead of actually fixing the scaling of the UI? The reason for this is that we are currently transitioning away from Flash-based Scaleform as our UI solution of choice toward Unreal Engine’s native solution, Unreal Motion Graphics. This transition is a slow and cumbersome process, though, particularly because it is largely interdependent with another beast we are currently battling, the merging of the PS4 and PC code bases. Now, fixing the UI to work with 4k monitors would have meant to touch a lot of stuff in Scaleform, which is ultimately redundant work because of the transition to UMG. So in order not to waste resources, we decided we would try the hotfix.

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience. A fix for this is going to be in the next release.

This is a hotfix in order to cater to complaints about a broken or too small UI in 4k resolutions. Ultra HD mode in full screen - essentially any resolutions above full HD - scales up game resolution under the hood, while the UI is still being rendered in Full HD. It does come with the disadvantage that windowed fullscreen mode is restricted and windowed mode can only be used up until full HD resolution on monitors above full HD resolutions.

Are you playing above Full HD resolution? Can you try turning on the Ultra HD mode and report back, please?

Snib#1627 posted (#post-123324)

The downside is, of course, that now players will likely want to progress to T5 whereas before that was no good reason to, so in the end it's even more grind for everybody, so the devs win either way.

You make it sound as if wanting to progress to T5 is a bad thing... smile

Unless you have been winning constantly before and thus not paying any kind of maintenance, you should be able to progress considerably faster with the new system, rendering the grind especially for T4 and T5 less painful. Of course, this will depend largely on which amount of "charge" bonus we eventually settle on and how long a charge will take. Rest assured we know how much you guys hated maintenance, so we will try our best to make this as fair for everyone as possible.

Thanks, that's appreciated! We'll do our best to live up to your hopes and demands and react as quickly as we can! Just keep in mind that development takes time, as there are usually many different processes and people around the world involved in it. smile

We started reworking both the current implementation of maintenance to not require payment by anyone anymore, as well as the flagship mechanic: when late joining, players will be able to choose a ship before spawning. I can't tell you a definitive date when those changes will be live, yet, as almost the entire team is focusing on delivering a more or less bug-free 1.7 build. Except for all the bug fixes, there will be quite significant changes in 1.7 in regards to New Player Experience - we reworked the whole onboarding to be a much more enjoyable experience.

We are trying to deliver both the new maintenance iteration and late join ship selection with 1.8, which seems to be roughly scheduled for release in late June/early July, however I can't promise this.

I've got to admit I had a good laugh reading some of your (justifiably) angry statements!

Protect your healers, people! ;-)

Browsing through this thread was actually quite a positive experience compared to many others, which creates some motivation to actually also post at the end smile

Nurgle84#5332 posted (#post-98949)

Maybe a radical idea, but how about allowing players to trade gold coins for silver coins between each other. hides from the mob no really, read my example.

Little Miss Sunshine#7845 posted (#post-98954)

If they had a fixed trading system in place (like all trades are locked at X credits/gold or something) you wouldn't need to worry about scams/mistypes, either. That's a pretty good idea imo.

Coming very soon.

Freder#2825 posted (#post-98955)

How about premium emots or broadcast for battle I'd pay extra to hear my captain yell something at the enemy or just extra expressions.

Something like this is on our 2017 road map, but only planned for development rather late during the year, so I'm gonna have to ask you to hang tight for a while longer on this one... Also, since the system hasn't been designed yet, I can't tell you much more about it at this point, unfortunately. Will definitely make sure to keep you posted, though!

obliviondoll#5677 posted (#post-99054)

[...] the problem progression 2.0 introduced where you can't have multiple loadouts for a single ship, and avoids maintenance.

We do have this issue on our radar as well, although discussions about this are still ongoing. It will probably become a major topic again very soon, in light of a new game mode that we have in the pipeline, which will focus more on tactical objective-based gameplay than the current player-facing modes. No fixed schedule for this yet, though, but we're putting some major resources on it starting next week. And it's been sitting around here as a prototype for quite a while, so expect some updates soon... ;-)