Mighty Turtle



So, I just wanted to say hi again..

And, This is all very new to me, but the community managers of Dreadnought have accepted me in their content creator program (big surprise to me knowing the size,or, lack there of, my channel) and I was wondering..

What do you guys want to see from the myself as a content creator??

I'm new to dreadnought and definitely injoying it, but I (to be fair) have no real clue what I am doing.. just kind of winging it, which hasn't turned out to bad..

I had planned on doing a few videos a week of Dreadnought before this so at this point I am making a schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to be Dreadnought, and at the moment I am not working so will be trying to do more on the other days too..

my channel is small, I have a few things to improve on, and I am new to the game, so any suggestions you might feel would help me to be a youtuber that you might watch would be awesome....

Also I will be trying to start a day or 2 of streaming, at the moment though I can not get any kind of usefull upload rate...

And.. if you are looking for anyone else to squad up with, I am always keen... just let me know, I have Discord(prefered) and Team Speak

I've played a bunch of games in this category. I am going to be looking for others to play with too.. but for now while I'm just learning I'll hang out by myself for a bit..

and I agree with spurius.. just enjoy the game.. if getting to the end is all you're really playing for it will just get frustrating.. that and it is beta anyway, so, end game probably isn't going to be a thing for a while anyway..

I don't feel like the proggresion takes too long though, I mean I've only played like 6 battles and I have all tier 2 ships unlocked and have most of the moduales unlocked for them as well.. warthunder, tanks and wows take way longer to get that far..even if you do scale it down to the same size teck trees..

I have no problem spending money on a paint when I have some spare.

but it isn't just pay to win that is the problem, I don't yet know if there is a similar mechanic, but, in WoT they took out the being able to aim for specific moduals bwcause so many window lickers got salty that they couldn't do it... that's the kind of thing that really shouldn't happen to a game, and I hope it doesn't happen here..

According to the ad I came here from, it'S still open beta, so heaps of room for improvement.. let's just hope the don't go all Wargaming or on it.. and hopefully I might help, as small as my YTchannel is, in growing the community here
But as the game developes hopefully it will gain more players...

lol.. I don't care. this game is almos everything I wanted in a game.. Only thing it's missing dinosaurs

S I just found this game it was an ad on youtube and I'm pretty sure I've never intentionally clicked a link on an ad before, but I had to..

I am so impressed so far and can't wait to play as much as I can.

Also (if I'm aloud) I am going to be recording a bunch when I play..

Wherew has this game been my whole life??

Hay guys, how's it going??

I just found this game, and I'm kicking myself I didn't know about it earlier..

I will definitely be playing a lot more..

I will also be recording as much as I can..

this game is AWESOME...