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Also if your in a fighter you can solo corvettes in tem when they dont have auto repair because they never get regen.

lol ... good luck chasing a corvette with a fighter... You guys are unbelievable...

I suppose you reached the status of total denial just to protect your "farm spot".

Well.. you can continue to play alone in your micro world where some players accept to be farmed by a total unbalanced class.

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In a Veteran Match with mostly T4, the situation is very different to Recruit Matches: Players stay together, protect their ACs and TCs, almost every corvette is quickly spotted and as soon as it tries to engage, destroyed.

I do not think that corvettes are perfectly balanced at higher Tiers, but the problem there is much smaller then at lower Tiers.

I mainly play veteran matches with people in tier III and tier IV... to be honest corvettes simply don't give a shirt about anything but dreads and destroyers.

Corvettes are toxic and the toolkit they have it's broken.

Do You like the game this way ? I'm happy for you, but I won't invest time in this thing. I have enough of this recurring design strategy that ends to create a totally op class only to satisfy the " wanna be assassin " part of the market.

Slow down ... maybe you did not read . The corvette can simply tank an ac of the same tier frontally and kill him. Really guys... either you are trying to defend your "farm spot" either you can't didn't play other classes recently.

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But the biggest problem with corvettes is that unexperienced players don´t know how to counter them.

How exactly can you deal with something faster than a fighter that comes behind you, sit , and even if you manage to hit him 2 times with an AC of the same tier ,survives ?

It's broken... totally broken... and is annoying me off so much that i thinking to drop this game, even if everything else is really fun: i like the healing part, i like dread / destro, i like ac... the corvettes are simply something to eradicate.

corvettes are garbage... every time i have a match without corvette i enjoy the game... every time there is a corvette it simply kill everyone... the only chance i have is to play a dread or a destroyer... so corvette player are actually forcing me to pick a class i don't want to play.

nerf corvettes !

Why that thing has been inserted ?