I finally unlocked My First T5 Cattero,
and then realized something is wrong with module exps.....

What? 40k-55k exp to unlock one T4 module?????????
I remember Devs said "Grind will be easier after this patch."
Than what is happening right now?
Even middle students can say "After patch 1.9.?, the more Exps are needed to grind the modules and ships."

I think this was an 'avoidable' problem.
If someone ever calculated Exps needed to grind the high tier ships and compare between before and after, then someone braked this patch and redesigned the grind roadmap, before players feel 'Betrayed.'

So, these are my thoughts to prove this problem

  1. Half all Exps needed to grind modules.

  2. Double the EXPs and Credits earned in single battle.

  3. Reduce the requirements to grind the next tier ship.

Jindale#7455 posted (#post-128279)

No, it's not "well done".

Removal of Maintenance Fee is that one important thing that defines the lasting appeal of this game. New, inexperienced players are being punished for losing, and nobody even bothers with Tier 5 ships, that bracket is dead and that is all thanks to the fee.

The longer they are delaying the removal of the Maint Fee, the deeper they are digging their own grave. Everyone I talked to about this game and its features, only the maintenance fee stands in the way, and I whole heartedly agree.

Nobody of the potential players I personally chitchatted with will not come even near this game as long as it remains, and that's too bad cause it's potentially lost revenue as well.

If you ask me about maintanence problem, yes, I'm fully aware of that.

But at least , they erased one problem of maintanence fee,

" game crash and pay the fee".

That's why I say 'well done'.

This is the patch we wanted....

Though, this patch does not contain about maintanence fee problem,

at least, Devs try to cheer new players by lowering chance "Meet Seal clubbers in Recruit fleet"

+ change MM to defend on player's skill. ( Which means more fair MM than before)

, and also some game crashes are resolved!

Thx very much!

That must be a heavy cloak of T4 corvette.

However, heavy cloak corvette becomes very vulnerable than normal, use this as your advantage.

Jindale#7455 posted (#post-128090)

Why you sorry though? You prolly got the idea cause of the Kisarazu-sisters of JGSDF. Besides, it's not that weeaboo-paintjobs don't look good, like many race cars show, they just don't really fit here.

I thought you guys feel something like...hmm

tastes bad or even gross about my thread, that's why.

Nanath#8827 posted (#post-127926)

I don't see a problem with it. If we don't like it then we don't have to buy it, while the ones that are interested still have the option. Since such skins tend to be on the colorful side, it will make a nice bulls-eye for my guns. Speaking of bulls-eyes, Bun Bun will always have a place in my heart ^-^

But the real problem is that they will see the awful coatings inside the game.....

This could also be extended as a "Design your own skins" contest.

This can be a great idea besides anime....

+++To everyone : Sry for the bad idea.... I was short of thought. I appreciate your comments.

Sonatine#7510 posted (#post-127686)

I like steak, and I like ice cream. But I don't want steak in my ice cream.

I got what you are talking about.

Both are great, but combined = nah ......>

It seems like everyone hates anime :/

It seems like there are a lot of anime fans around the world.

So to drag their attention in this game, how about releasing anime coatings or even collaboration with them.

In that way they will pay money for coatings, and also they will take a picture and post on their Facebook or Twitter etc.

Eventually, other guys will also join our game.

  • More player base to play with.

    How about this idea?

Aion Line - Can both heal and damage.

Easy Line for Newbie.


Harwich Line - Can damage enemy but can not heal ( Unless you use Repair Autobeam or Repair Drone as a module )

Very effective against corvette.

However choosing Harwich in the game can lead to a total failure, so you have to explain to your team that

"I'm not a healer!"

Koschei Line - Can both heal and damage, but you have to press Q to change.

( Primary weapon - Only Heal, Secondary weapon - Only Damege )

It's a healing monster!