Redwyrm#3695 posted (#post-126475)

Last second don't think would help, more of a two seconds perhaps.

And if armor lockdown doesn't help - then he likely using purge ram instead. Which don't do as much damage, though he can still finish you with his flaks right after.

I got your meaning.

Thx a lot smile

I finally managed to build my own module.

Thx everybody for helping me out. smile

Redwyrm#3695 posted (#post-126468)

Its not about avoiding ram overall, its about when start avoiding. You see vindicta 5 km away and start strafing down - it will adjust and will aim bellow you.

Pretend you don't see it all, and boost downward in last moment.

Also, emergency evac. It can't ram something it can't see.

Sorry, I'm confused at here....

So you mean I have to avoid the ramming vindica at the last second of approach?

Lymceh#8349 posted (#post-126459)

Officer briefings "Slow and Steady", "Reinforced", and "Engineering 101" can also help by boosting passive armor and/or health, although those bonuses are worthless on anything less than a T4.

I actually play with Harwich and this is not the problem.....I should mentioned this at the beginning of this thread. Sry for that

In your particular case, really the only thing you have is Armored Lockdown (and do NOT use Beam Amp or Purge Beam with it, as their armor down cancels the armor buff). If activated a second or two before impact, that should be in full effect by the time it hits. Try to lay down as much damage on it as you can; if you have a module amp-ed nuke mine in the path between them and you, they'll only have around 5,000 HP remaining after hitting that, and will die very quickly under focused fire. If you have a Purge Beam on them when they hit the nuke mine, they are dead instantly. Tesla pods also work great as a deterrent.

Thx for your helpful advise smile

I should research nuclear mine ASAP.....

Swordsman#0601 posted (#post-126450)

I find that situational awareness and positioning on the map are very important for dealing with both Vindicta's intent on using their ram and various Corvettes looking for ambush opportunity.

I can't agree with you more.

Sadly, I think I'm lack of awareness now.

Hang back a little from the cover which can cause you to have blind spots they use for the approach.

I think this is why I always fail to deal with ramming Vindica Thx alot smile

You can also try running away--drop nuclear mine in your wake--watch the fun while still applying damage.

This is the most tempting module for me now.

It can kill both corvette and Ramming Vindica,

thx for your advise

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o.0 How is it double kill, i hope you dont mean vindicta will drill through your teammate and ram you as well ;d

He used pulse to blind our sights....

So I think he gunned me down and he ram into my teammate...

IMO, rams are so rare... Hey how many ram players you encountered so you felt urge to create this thread? Just curious, I dont mind, if anyone have suspicions about some ships being op, better to express it.

Sry for my bad reading, I knew someone who is targeting me with Ramming Vindica, that's why...

How to counter:

Disruptor module

Stasis module (tacts have great stasis beam)

Any of these 2 most likely means that vindicta is dead

Also, get better at doging rams. Power to Engines and go.

Thx for your advise....

I will try to use those modules.

I'm playing with a tactical cruiser.

I tried everything to stop ramming vindica.

  1. Go up or down to avoid ram

    => Vindica is faster than me, so I can not run away from her.

  2. Using Armour lockdown

    => Doesn't work.... I don't know why but....

  3. Go behind my teammate.

    => Vindica scored double kill.......

And even my teammates try to counter vindica

She turns on engine boost and say goodbye to our teammates....

What should I have to counter ramming vindica?

Well, for me,

I turn off the music sound.

That makes more easier to hear machine gun sounds (Zrrrrrrrrr).

I track the sound and then I counter back.

( You know even in heavy cloak, you can see the bizarre image of enemy corvettes when they attack something)

P.S. These steps have to be done quickly before they run.

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Just finished a TE game in my tier 4 Tactical Cruiser, got 10167 xp. As a tactical that's my typical score in TE.



Miles__Teg#1156 posted (#post-126102)

My Top Score was 17400 XP in one match.... I wished it would have been MONEY!

Good Job, seems like you carried really hard!

Well, there is.

However, it is very hard for everyone to achieve....

I got only 1 time Damaged Blocked (+50 exp) by Trident.