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Corvette alt weapon, is not forward facing, so you don't need to be facing your target.

Yes, you can build a ship to deal with corvettes, but should you have to have a specific build to kill a corvette when you don't need to do that for any other ship in the game.

if the game is going to go down the need the right build to counter a ship, then we need to be able to swap modules at re-spawn then, so we don't have to sacrifice the needs of the team at that moment then things can change in a match with every death/re-spawn.

Hmmm, you have a point.

However , this fact can be applied to other ships, like dreadnought vs nuke dreadnought

Tac cruiser vs Ram Destroyer etc......

I see a lot of players talking about Corvette = OP,

so I will make the comment here.

First of all, I don't think that corvette is OP.

Of course, I'm not good at handling with corvette, but I learned that I can still contest with them.


First, You have to look around and point them , so it can warn your guys.

Second, Don't hesitate to fight with them.

If you show them as you're afraid of them , they will keep targeting you again and again.

So , how?

Do everything you can defend yourself.

Drop mines or use pulse module or drain their energy etc.....

Even if you failed to kill them, they have to run if they get too much damage from you or from your teammates

Third, Don't wander around alone.

This is the best situation for enemy corvette to kill you.

If you don't want to follow this, then I have nothing to say,

because you want to kill something without any preparations.

However, I agree with you if you are talking about Dover.

Dover is slightly OP in Recruit Game, because other ships are lack of modules to counter Dover.

P.S. If you want to say corvette is OP,

play the corvette. ( Seriously)

You will eventually know how hard it is to handle.

( Above tier 3)

Well only I can say in this thread is.....

G?? G?? BOY.....

I can tell you why.

Palos Line doesn't have a heal beam, instead she has a powerful beam to deal with corvette. So she is a tactical cruiser, not a healer.

If you still want to heal someone with Palos, you can set a module 'Repair Autobeam'.

My Best Game with Ceres

{ Beaware of low frame.... My computer is really bad smile }

Hope you enjoy my video.

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Having T2 excluded from veteran matches, would make it even worse for T3, as they would always be on the lower side of the brackets.

The only real solution is to split veteran into 2 fleets: T2+T3 and T3+T4.

FOR ME, it's better to divided by tiers.


T1 Que Line

T2 Que Line

T3 Que Line

T4 Que Line

T5 Que Line.

Then you can be pulled into 0 or +1 top tier.

For example, if you put T2 Que Line, you can be pulled into top 2 tier room or top 3 tier room.

In that way, we can fix the problem here.....

Before, I write this thread, I will say that Recruits have no fault dragged into Veteran fleet except, putting all T2 in the Recruit que line.

Then, I will start.

I don't understand why there is no explanation about current matchmaker.

If system tell Recruits a simple warning like

"Putting all T2 ships in the que line could drag you into Veteran fleet, which gives huge disadvantage to your team."

Recruits will cancel the que and adjust ,then que into real Recruit Fleet.

But since the system doesn't tell them about this,

both Recruits and Veterans are annoyed about the result of the matchmaker, and eventually, Recruits will quit this game. (You may know how you feel when T2 VS T4)

Devs plz, I think this is urgent problem we have to fix right now!!!

I used all GP to grind Harwich, and Ceres.....

Also, thx Devs for giving us free GP.

I didn't get a Tier 5 ship, but I totally agree with you at this point.

Getting T5 ship is very hard, but you can not play with it.

What a paradox we have here!

Well... folks....

If you think corvette is OP, then play the corvette....

You'll notice how hard to play corvette.