The thing is that the whole system makes absolutely no sense. In World of Tanks or Mechwarrior Online, where you have only one vessel for each match, it makes sense to have to pay for maintenance if it's destroyed.

In Dreadnought however you have an infinit suoply of the same ship and you pay maintenance only if you loose.

It simply makes no sense.

Yes this system does not work at all. I'll come back when it's fixed.

I lost the credits I grinded the last day in a few matches I lost on veteran.

Playing with my Jutland and seeing the team loose is a real pain and I get really angry and frustrated.

That's not why I play games.

This is a major issue that should be addressed ASAP

I suggest to simply remove it. I you add a credit bonus for winning, witch would make total sense it is enough motivation.

As it is it is simply pay to play...

I have not recieved any of the displayed XP after match multiple time. Last time I started I had 26666 XP an my main ship, after the match still same number.

I did complete the match, no log off, no disconnect or anything like this.

As said this has happened multiple times.

Happened to me as well. last time: just now!

Really frustrating after being happy seeing all the rewards i should have got on the Score Screen after the match.

here too... "matchmaking error" again.

Really that's now a subscribed day in all...

Same here.

"Matchmaking Error"