So sensitive.

Im unistalling becouse my mom said so. BB GIT GUD SCRUBS!!11!!1!

PS: cOrVeTtEs oP

Honestly Artillery ships need a health buff so that they can survive to do the damage the need. Either that or make them faster.

Lol no .

Peoples are so fixated to fast paced games that simply can't enjoy tactical games like Dreadnought , and that will for sure afflict the player base. Is not the Devs fault ,is the new players that come here with theyr idea of the game.

Now tell me how you got roflstomped 3 times in a row by a corvette with a vigo . I just can't imagine a scenario like this.

Recently i gave up all my beatiful T4 ships becouse i needed to farm the Otranto for the jutland. After a couple of game i pretty much dominated even when loosing. How you can have difficulties with a Powerfull T4?.

Sigma957#5551 posted (#post-131365)

Stability and functionality of this game is brilliant. I never encounter any single bug. The game works wonderfull. The main problem is balance and only this is matter. The other thing as i understand you just don't have someone who can create balance. I like visual part of the game, but gameplay is...........The game just don't have dinamics. It's slow.

Dreads are not a problem. Vettes it a problem.

But the main problem is skils and availability. Buying new ship gives you nothing.

And i'm serious. This game is slow. Gameplay is slow and location are too small. The ships are small too.

I completely disagree with you , gameplay is great is fun and for sure is not slow .

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-131134)

Tipical !

Btw , you guys have to admit that the muro is a bit op at this point , even more considering the state of matchmaking.

Is weird , but this is the first rant-topic that i partially agree with , this thing as the speed of a light arty , hits way harder ha a small hit box and right now pretty much dominates . A good player ofc can counter it , but with the state of match making is a bit overpowered especially in comparision with other artys.

Sorry to say that to you , but "almost" every T4 you will get , will need a lot of battles to actually learn how to properly use it. You guys just need to relax , this is a type of game where you need to play a lot to master just one ship , that is how it is. The argument about "but it does no damage with the primary weapons" is true , but the modules are great! , just yesterday i saw a guy dominating in veteran with a jutland , top kills and assists.

Generally yes , get good , if your argument was valid all players would fail with this ship .

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-130554)

Git gud, Sigma. I cream opponents with my Vigo.

Ofc you do Lando....

Jokes apart git gud and stop cryng