Good news indeed. I wish the game had more support and funding though, all this potential needs to be utilized. The AI suggestion sounds interesting.

Corvettes are not overpowered, no vette nerfs needed.

I had been playing Dreadnought for quite a while and do not remember any big personal issues with Corvettes. There are a lot of counters to them.

You can DM the devs on Discord ( just don't drive them crazy plz)

Me: Laughs in Carriers

Maybe it is time for a new publisher or something like this. The same thing happened with Planetside 2 and it was a success. The game was in the very same state as Dreadnought is at the moment, but after this reorganization Planetside 2 became quite popular. Right now there seems to be a lack of staff, structure and financial difficulties. All this has to be adressed before we players can expect new content like maps, ship classes, game modes as well as more variety in ship design.

I hope that there is still one of them around to feel the guilt and shame they all deserved. I was a nice community member to them, treated them with respect and kindness, yet they were just lying to us as Developers always do. No one lost even a single word about financial problems or other grave issues, Dreadnought just stopped growing. I am sick of such people who create awesome games and just ruin them. Robocraft, HAWKEN (played it only once or twice during the end of its life cycle), War Thunder (#SaveTheMaus), Dreadnought...
The Gaming Industry is in an inacceptable condition and I am sick of it. No one listens, no one cares, no one acts.

Shocknfunk#5058 posted (#post-279769) said:

no reason to be bothered by it since you said it yourself that you havent touched the game for months

True, and I did not even create a reddit account for dreadnought. It just bothers me that I got instantly silenced and cannot deliver feedback. I still have these forums but...we all know how the things stand at the moment.

All I did was providing feedback, I were not toxic or anything, yet a got frickin perma banned from this subreddit? Why? Is this part of the Chipinators conspiracy? I left him alone for more than a year already!

Good day dear honored Captains and developers.

I have not been playing for quite a while, thanks to Corporate greed and scammy products, but I did not fail to notice a sudden drop in Development activity and communication. I heard that Dreadnought is barely managed by a small group of devs who just keep the game running. What happened? You had great plans of PvE modes and new maps, but nothing is happening! Was all this just a set up after all? Did you betray your game and all the nice people who delievered feedback, bug reports and ideas? Not much is happening on these forums, no new content has been added in months!

A nice guy with the name Miguel once told me that this game won't fail and we needn't worry. But where has everyone gone? MiguelItUp, Kyle, DN_Morgenstern and all the other are just gone, not a single word of goodbye did they leave here. I feel like they just abandoned and betrayed Dreadnought.

Just like Robocraft. I hope someone over there feels atleast a bit guilty. A bit of shame. Games are not a Product, but a promise to People. Do you here me, Dreadnought Devs? Shame, shame

All developers care of is money and profit. I know not a single Dev who loves his project truly.