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Im honestly surprised they havent done a sale in the market just to pump in some funds.

What a waste.

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By this point the devs might as well toss a hail mary. Primarily because this ship is sinking. If this update is as big as you make it sound it will include alot of changes and it will either kill this game or rebirth the game into something far bigger. Either or, I don't feel too confidant in this, but we'll see what happens

I fully agree, a little Teaser or something would be good. If Rockbell is not talking about "Ark of War" material or just high on drugs, then they (developers) should better confirm this sooner than later. The E3 is soon, but I doubt that DN could be there. No hopes.

They are very busy working on a big (REALLY BIG!) update, so I volunteered to help 

Where is your Dev tag then? Your little Greybox icon on the Avatar, your red colored name?

A "big surprise" would be a bunch of new gamemodes and a new Ship class for example.

I've said it already, and I will say it again. The games Industry needs some Socialism!

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Don't worry.
I heard they are making brand-new youtube promo channell with new trailer, lots of game guides, streams and activities.
Be sure this will bring a lots of new players, and a next era of dreadnought!

This sounds too good to be true...

I am sorry to inform everybody that the official Youtube Channel from Dreadnought got deleted. I have no words to voice my disappointment.


Hm well, better than nothing I suppose.

Devs, is there still something coming? Or is Dreadnought "done"?

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Great job you lazy americans in doing nothing.

Really going to stereotype us like that?

Sorry, I am having a hard time currently. You're not all bad.