Hello Yager,

I am just throing in here a few map ideas ,because the game is good but It needs definetively more maps,but you already know that smile Here are my idease in a list:

-Planet Mars,the red planet,mining platforms

-Helium-3 production side Moon (or luna) huge breathtaking facilities which are producing Helium 3 on the moon surface

-Gigapolis:A City of towers,each one thounsands of meters high,the planet could be earth in the future

-Alien Planet,full of organic builds,towers which are looking like a lifeform and way more.

-Ark Drydock,Pluto: The production side of a huge colony ship called ark,which is build to leave the milky way and colonise new planets

-The floating gardens of venus: luxury hotel platforms in the orbit of venus

-Sun: science ships or platforms in a sun orbit

-Superweapon: A moonsized superweapon,left in space after the project god abadoned,cancelled

You are right snib, I am just afraid they could become moneygrabbers.Yes of course they have to make money,but they have to keep fair.I don't wanna spent money for everything,no Pay to win.

Sorry man 😦 smile

Hello, please don't think that this is a ragepost.I wan't to tell the devs that they must be careful and hear at the community.Don't end up like Freejam with Robocraft,please.Think really careful about changes like a crate system or the removement of an entire (ship) class.Don't fokus too much at money earning and profit,I just want to warn you.Think careful and hear at the community,good luck wiith the development of dreadnought guys smile

It doesn't matter that you haven't read my post Cybergal2k14 smile This class would be great but I heave no real idea how they could work too.

Puh,glad to hear that,thanks dude smile

But my username and password won't be affected or will it?

Cybergal,have you stolen my idea? I have a post about titan ships too and it definitely came before your post.But of course the mechanics and all are your ideas,I am just talking about a new titan called ship class

Ok thanks

Hello,I have experienced a serious camera problem.In my knowlege it just appears when you play as an artillery cruiser.The camera just starts to go crazy like buncing around.This issue is pretty annoying pls try to fix that.