Group Queue does make a diffenrence in the game outcome.

Just take Merc Warrior Online for exemple it took then 4 years to find a proper solution that compensated to help the match maker.

Sadly there not tonnage in this so there solution can't be applied here.

This group ajustment is applied to there player rank MM.

In other words there a 30% weight differrence for a group of 4 VS 4 solo player

There 20 tiers of weight (in 5 tons increments)

The issue with corvette is that any normal human will attack the weakess target, currently in the game that seal clubbing a tier that is lower that your. lower tier has less hp and less damage which is almost a free kill.

The second issue seem that at your current tier the game play is simplified and has limited module to make it a more progressive learning experience.

Changing tier from more hp to more hp_regeneration should in theory fix your first issue and make corvette more harrassement to break formations of the enemy.

hp to regen proposal:

Same thing for me, seen to happen when you use the general xp to complete a module research and have a 0 xp. Think the fleet readiness also factored in the bug. I only notice the dif when there it was both value in the works.

There killing there own game with there match maker.

Preventing game with 7 Tech4 level 50 vs 3 T4... game should be critical... but it doesnt match maker suck on this game..

The only missile that would require a cost to their speed would be flechette light missile type. Vulture and Tempest prevent ppl from over exposing himself and already work well with stasis modules.

Concerning the physic, primitive solid fuel missile are bound to be slower that a ship with anti-gravity system that circumvent physic.

Your best bet would be to gamble a dodge movement. Ram can be notorious for overshooting the target. So scrambler with energy set to engin was my best chance with a T3 destroyer.

The best way to dodge him will be to go up or down depending on the enemy position relative to you.(there's no need for you to line a perfect horizontal angle).


Just the tip!!!

or just switch to arty with stasis missile and focus on him until he switch ship.

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What's a basic bridge officer?

I assume that is the "101" officer briefings.

In all honesty though, T2s really shouldn't be getting matched up against T4s in the first place. It's just a massacre.

Yup they shouldn't but it is happening. And yes it is the 101 officer that I was referring to. Separating Energy from the tier should also make thing a little less grieving for T2 push to veteran fleets.

1; If tier 2 ship is put in veteran to fill gap, give those tier 2 the bonus of basic bridge officer.

2; Energy management should be skill base, in other words put the amount of energy based on the fleet; exemple recruit 70 energy, veteran 100 energy, elite 125 energy.


At those level the best counter is having a buddy and push the shield button. The only time you almost die was because a play activated his shield.. a bit late but he still manage to pressing the shielding button after 1sec. Once those tac cruiser figure out that energy regenerator with shield is a hard counter to corvette you..ll just die... and die,die and ask corvette buff.

Your guide is almost the opposite of my strategy with medusa.

Typically go right in the thick of it and hit the critical target, support or sniper.

The only way I manage to survive this is with this build.


Kinetic Armor / Drain torpedo / Autogun / After burner

special officer:

Feed back loop / Module Amper (energy bonus from kinetic Armor help to sustain this) / Engine rigger (no malus to shield of weapons)


Depend on how many enemies are close by, I either go weapons to out dps the healer or shield (toggle on / off /on ) to tank everything with bonus energy for kinetic Armor.

Note: don't forget to active Kinetic armor or shield before charging into mine fields!