Had both teams unable to do anything for a couple of minutes in two matches and the following two matches the game just disconnected entirely.

I was not asking for help, it was meant to be a heads-up for other ppl and maybe a Dev who might stumble upon it.

The game usually runs perfectly fine except for those days when the server has the Hiccups.

When every single player in the match is completly lagged out and at some point loses the ability to do anything i dont think that my system is the problem.

Since you asked for my specs here they are:

Windows 7 (64bit)

Core i7 3820 3,6Ghz (currently running at 4,7Ghz)

Radeon R9 290

16GB of RAM

1x 120GB SSD

2x 1TB HDD

The MB is something from AsRock but i dont remeber the exact type anymore.

Usually all drivers are up to date.

It seems that today is one of those days again where the game gets so laggy that at some point everything just stops working in the middle of a match.

Count me in on this one too.

Well whatever you did to the hamsters, it worked.