Hey all i just had a tier 3-4 game in vet queue now im fine having tier IIs on my team and vsing Tier IVs BUT when the entire enemy team -1 was Tier 4s and we did not have a single fricking T IV ship this game is getting to the point of no return how the FRICK are players meant to play when there are matches that shouldnt even be made if the developers care they wouldve fixed some of the issues in the last patch and not added more options to the shop to spend your gold .

all i have to say is thanks greybox you've ruined an enjoyable game by being greedy i hope some day Dread gets the fixes it much needs and gets the balancing it needs.

As for now queuing in vet and getting half a team of Tier IIs and Tier IIIs vs a near whole team of Tier Ivs is just sad and unenjoyable i hate it and im sure many of you players out there do to .

Hey all im so keen to jump in and have a blast with this wonderful community would anyone have a spare key to help a brother out <3

Hey guys Been looking for a beta key if any of you gentleman would help a brother out smile this game looks spectacular been watching so much on youtube