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The Devs have said they are not planning to add more load outs.

With the UI change there will be 2 locked load out tabs, so if there is ever a need to add them they can, but they are not planning on ever adding more.

All This was in a twitch stream when announcing the steam launch.


Good to know. Like said, off of what someone was saying while were in a game, and yes 2 are enough.
(but if had 3. . . well, Nukes would be falling like 'Fall Out', for sure eh)

You know it.

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Some of those would essentially make it a pay to win game, which Im sure many, myself included, refuse to pay. Going to that model would likely sink the game quickly.

Like said and agreed, if we cannot get the 3rd one for free per our efforts, would be bad.
Having one 'for free' from prerm time though could be a nice extra for the sakes of it when running it. . . but yeah, not to be 'required.'

Maybe one for gold OR efforts, and one for gold or coin or if prem time is up. Will just have to wait and see I guess.

I'm just relaying what someone said to us while in a chat in a game we were playing.

It may have been a Dev, or just some A'shole pretending to be one..... lol, I only have one TV screen. But yeah, they were talking about it and above top what my thoughts on it were when they spoke on it.

Safe to say, yeah.... 2 is good and 4 would be amazing if excessive. . . 3 is Just Right, such one can do a "Jumping DN," and "Full Armore DN," and a "Nukes and/or + Support" builds for their Dreds,

Same for other ships, aye. Point to make though to NOT REQUIRE GOLD For that "3rd Slot." Make it a Choice for 500gp, sure. Forcing us to buy with GP and in the thousands? HeiL No's..... XD

For the 'extra' one for when using Elite Time that is 'always there' to set up but not able to be used if no time is active... a "Complementary Slot," as it were. I could see that being an ok thing to do to say "thank you" to buyers.

(one also at that which wouldn't matter much for T3 and below but for T4+ ships would be nice).

For that "3rd Slot," again: It Must Also Be Able to Be Earned per Player Efforts.

Otherwise, agreed. It would be pushing things a tad too far in the "WarGaming" direction of things.

So basically from what I can tell, The way "Detection" is being made to work in DN right now is more so based on Naval / Submarine Warfare as seen within the classical 'Star Trek' shows.

(more so rather than what one would classically consider per the accustomization we have to radar,)

-to say-

The More "Noise" you Make, The Sooner / Further Away You Can or Will Be Seen or "Heard."

Yes, 'Sounds' in the classical sense don't matter much in space as we understand them forgoing simulations.
( "Sounds" in this sense of metaphore is to mean //things that can be tracked by kinds of detection.// )

The bigger a ship is and the more "noise" it makes; and Yes. the bigger or such a ship is the more ''noise'' it will make, The further away it can and will be detected by a listener looking hard for things.

This is in large part the nature of Submarine Warfare: "See or Hear them First, and Kill them as Quitely as you can with a way out planed early, Long BEFORE you ever open the tubes."

This is in large part it seems to how Dreadnought is set up to work like or as.

Safe to say.... Many people to increasingly include myself LIKE this idea. . . if done right.

-(Issues to Consider)-

Thresholds to consider: Minimum Ranges of Detection per Ship Classes and Individual Ships, along with how they are being used. Energy Use and "Speed", Modules and When you Open Fire.

  • Dreds are large with some THiCC bigg_hass_booddies and being BiG means being easier to detect.

  • Corvettes are small but not unable to be seen if targeted, and not sure how 100% ninja a Striborg is vs a Machina, lolz... and again if PtW or PtE is going to make some noise along with PtS the least so maybe.

  • DDs would not be "AS" big as DNs but still more noisy than a Corvette to some reasonable degree.

  • Arty and Tacs again as smaller craft would not make as much "noise" as DDs being between them and VTs.

By setting 'minimum distances' per how much "NOISE" a ship makes per their Size and Class along with how a Player is using them, we can in turn create a FAIR and Balanced system.

Fun Times, eh? Note: By no means do I claim it would be an All-At-Once thing, to be sure or fair.

HOWEVER, something needs done where a giant azz fraks Dreadnought is not undetected 0.00km away, In Full Plain Sight In the Open w/o Any Kind of [ACTIVE] Concealments.

Corvettes? Well, again... that small a ship not using Guns, Modules OR Power to Engines or Weapons or Shields? meh.......... I can be ok with that. (such that if you are pinged, something shows up on the display map)


Addendum: "Active Sonar/Radar" as a 4th Energy Wheel power ability?

Perhaps we can have an "Active Sonar" thing that puts out 'pings' that while they give away the user if too close to foes and only can "ping" something in the open that is close enough such if not so one can give away themselves /without/ finding their prey...... it WOULD help with when 'hunting' smaller ships close in or marking big ships further out.

It would even add another layer of strategy for all ships, such a DN needs E. for Shields usually with "Active Sonar" not being expensive would still cost some juice.

By the same, a Corvette on the hunt for another Corvette for their team would be seen by their prey but wouldn't be a bad thing for their teams to do, so forth....

*If one wants to see, or if one seeks to not be sought, a choice for them to make...........

[Thoughts or Ideas? Complaints on how I write? Post em all below, just please try and be civil.]

Addendum: again. I did not "create" this idea for this post, but simply am sharing what I feel about the idea along with said idea to others. [end]

So an idea was brought up to have up to 4 slots for Ship Configurations;

+1 'Free' slot with one for while Prem Time is Active and a 3rd/4th one that can be bought or earned.

  • The issue being if the 'One for Pay or Earning' is not able to be "earned for free."

To have one for 500gp OR if a ship is at 100% research status would be a nice thing such to encourage players to "100%" their ships if especially lower tiered, while paying 500gp being a fast way to get a 3rd/4th slot on higher ones fast.

It would give players a way to help make use of those '500gp' Progression drops, or to support the game with a thing to buy one actually cares about... and that also could still be bought for free with one's own efforts. +1

*(another idea being to if for gp only to be able to 'pay rent' for something..... meh), but yeah. Definately a thing to be gainable by one's own efforts as a reward for 100%'ing a ship to make players feel good about their time spent playing needs to NOT be blocked behind a non-optional pay wall, if more players are to want to pay in at T4+ for them.

By having a 'complementary' and an "awarded or bought" additional 2 slots, it will help to get players involved in a good way who are also running Prem Time, along with helping people 'playing for free' thus encouraging them to pay in if or when becoming able to later on. (plus greater player loyalty, most of all the payers loyalty. eh?)

  • forcing it to only be in a pay-wall that if also costs more than 50 to 100 gp however will kill the idea flat fast.

GLHF, /)'

And "I" / We are saying, The Post is about SHOOTING AT arty cruisers of only a short range as 4.5km to 5km away, Nose On, not ever being able really to be hit.

As good a shot as I am and maybe a few others, no matter how good "We" are that are DOING the shooting, the One being Shot At [the arty] can just jerk-yank side to side every 2 to 4 seconds, never being hit, from ships with guns built to hit things up to 7km away........ with no time "when off" to counter Retaliator as we get from some things while 'active.'

If it had a 2 seconds or so "Down Time" after being used, then the 4 seconds of "CD," who knows. But yeah, read what the fking thread is about. Thanks? yeah....

Thanks for posting as according to The Topic Of the Post / Thread: When Shooting {At} and Arty ship of Medium or Heavy Size at a close range.

Thank you.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221878) said:

You are the one saying there is something wrong with EM, and saying at at 4K and art can kill you thanks to EM. We are saying why EM is fine and not broken, yet you keep going over the samething using the same argument when the "problem" you have with EM is your perception of how it should work because you think it should because you get killed by arts using it when your 4K away from them.

The module is not broke. Its like saying Dreadnoughts are OP because I can't out tank one in a light corvette. It's Just silly.

(getting "shot at" was never a matter in nor of the thread posted. but we get it. reading is hard while trolling and assuming is easy)

At this point we all know and agree that I am right in what I am posting or saying per the facts, with judgments to be made by those who can read.

  • such again, at no place is the thread talk about or state anything about being shot {at or by} artilery aside from how cover is good to use.


And that the Post is to ask ways in which EM can be adressed rather than being removed completely as basically happened with AS.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221875) said:

This could have just been added to the the other Adrenalin shot thread you have currently.

Not really, being it is a "New" thing completely that addressing a similar thing but in a very not-the-same-thing way.

(the AS fixing + HealBalls thing is for that. This is for an idea for a good OB thing that could do well alongside it or in place of it). Plus addresses the excessive "Purge Meta" thing, lolz

Again, EM is an amazing 'MOVEMENT' utility, to be sure.

The Issue being again when a Murometz can sit simply looking at you unmoving 4.5km away from a ship with 7km ranged main guns, never taking damage to speak of with Tac Support if ever is, being ignored by Blues and not taking hits just as they start to reach them... Never Moving or Otherwise but not taking hits.

The Idea in Question being How can we help "Fix" EM to serve its proper role as a Movement Utility, while also not being a tad annoyingly game breaking if no one is helping out?

(for one thought perhaps.....)

Have it be one where you press to activate as would other things like Lazers or Autoguns, that have a duration.

Turn it "On," and move in the direction last pushed OR is being held in when activated, moving at a steady pace for 2 to 4 seconds worth an ok distance. During such time one cannot rotate quickly but can turn it 'off' at any time.

To move a decent way in 2 seconds of time then sit there for an average 6 seconds timer following a 2 to 4 seconds of "up time and cooldown", One could get around fine enough but NOT be impossible to hit by skilled shooters.

(such those sorts in Arty or Tacs could still do well 'now,' so isn't really a big breaker) Just a good to use shift.

(and the Rational / Litterate groups roll their eyes again,...... lolz)

The post is not about being shot [ BY ] Arty Cruisers, LmF.Aoff . . . .

It states as it shows: Shooting At 'Medium' Arty Cruisers (or heavyies maybe) at 4.5km

And how long it takes for shots to travel being such that EM has cooled down for another use esp if using Retaliator it would seem. (being at the lip of an edge to avoid return fire, eh)

But again one's that cannot see what I have posted likely are "Those Kinds" of players, eh? And so would just assume the same from the rest of us.... XD

(lol, sorta jk) Though to be fair such posts do have to make the rest of "us" wonder...

and again, The Thread / Post is about ways how EM might be addressed as a whole. meh, (reading)

Nose On vs incoming fire, they with shot dispersions + EM can just sit in one place never moving yet never die... lol, but hey. Makes em easier from the sides when they then have to actually Think or React, eh?

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-221873) said:

I hate it when things get removed.

To be fair, I agree but something needs done.... Perhaps the basic utility of AS can be put back in with a hard "Max Cap," and this can be put in for more of the Defensive parts of things.....

And to be fair that is what I would prefer but in either case "Something" needs to be done to either make AS good as heil again or 'divide' the value for it from things to have a basic good utility that helps one to heal easier vs another one that allows one to be much more tanking against exploitative builds and overall scum.

How would you/others say to go about 'fixing/balancing' things for AS while also having ''this'' as a pick to help curb the exective 'purge metta' at higher tiers?