I like to check the forums time to time to see if there are any significant changes on the way.

This petition won't work for 1 very simple reason. Its the same reason why devs havn't got a polling system in the forums. Its the same reason why previous petitions have failed. The same reason they * INSIST * on there design choices.

This isn't a democracy. Its a tyranny.

And if anything is clear from there reactions. There actions are absolute.

For a more fighter/action based game theres everspace. It uses the Unreal engine like DN but its a single player game with persistent progression.

Well, first off I wanna thank the devs and mods for posting this and being honest with there intentions with us, this is great communication and hopefully we get more posts like this in the future.

However while reading all of that my heart began to sink as it became apparent that you will be fixed in your methods. And because of the current design choices that are in the game I'm sorry to say that I won't be playing anymore. I just don't find the game fun anymore.

And honestly I don't think I can recommend this game to anyone either who isn't already familiar with wargaming titles.

This is quite literally and unapologetic "World of Dreadnought"

I had been planning to sink quite a large sum of money into this game if I liked the creative direction of the game and if it were to be less restrictive. Sad to say that won't be happening.

I still have some hope that they can stop it being "world of dreadnought" but its quite possible that this would never happen.

From what I can assume, sixfoot are more to do with marketing/monetisation aspects of its products which might explain some of the game design choices we have in shipyard, and also as I quote from there website. "Our teams can manage every aspect of bringing dynamic and visually stunning games to market, including creative direction, marketing and brand management, front and back-end development ".

Its safe to say things like tiers and maintenance are here to stay because of pressure from investors and publishers, as well as budget and time constraints.

Its unlikely that drastic changes will come about at this point in time.

But who knows, I still have some faith that the game won't be a total loss.

I like how everyone gives there suggestion like its a "sure thing" formula that will save the game. As creative as they are in the end its all wasted time typing all of that out for it to be looked at and dismissed.

dude the 50 new ships are the same ships with higher stats.

There is no guarantee they will remove P2W even if the game is P2P. I doubt even just paying once for the game would be enough.

Abatos#8199 posted (#post-56027)

  • Make tier 1 ships free to play, and then have a 20 dollar pay wall for access to t2-t5 ships. Research point cost and plat/silver costs would still apply.



How about the most suggested suggestion thats been suggested on this forums since the patch.


The devs stated in a stream tiers and maintenance are going to stay. It doesn't matter how many times we complain or how many threads are made in this specific subject. They are in complete denial that the system is flawed and judging from there attitude I really doubt they'll make such changes.