Dear developers. Sorry for my English, but I have no desire to tolerate and play this game. The balance is poor, and I completely agree with the man who has a screenshot where there are a lot of 4 left and in the allies only 2 left.

I have such a story. I want to play at the veteran, I have ships and desires for this, but I have to wait for five or even more than five minutes. We go into the recruitment mode, wait for 20-30 seconds and get to where? Right to the veterans. I would continue to play if it was once a million, but this situation is systemic and logical. I would gladly offer, but I also offered to play this game, but they can not stand such long and tedious waiting minutes and then another 10 minutes of suffering in battle.


I'm from Russia. We know little about this game, and even those who know for a long time do not linger. It's time to think about what you want from this game.