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I'm coming back to the game just for this steam launch, more players mean I can play better matches, not 6v6

I'm having issue that I keep disconnecting on score screen. No not my internet, I don't dc in game, not even once, but when I get to score screen I got kicked out

Any thoughts?

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@chucky_strike, I think that's still the case that shields will block pulses and therefore Armor Booster Pulse is not in effect if one's own shield is up, but I haven't particularly in-depth looked at it yet; personally, I think Captain Nemo may be mistaken about his statement of ABP + Shields, but I may be wrong myself.

Not like I care that much, I just use them both and wreck the opponents

I'm a bit bored so I wanna share some builds that will spice up the game a bit.

DISCLAIMER: these builds only work if you cherry-pick your targets. Only pick weaker ones, don't aim at players better than you. Try them at your own risk

The tyrant Jutland


  1. Plasma broadside (important)

  2. Flechette missiles (nice to have)

  3. Armor booster pulse (important)

  4. Target warp (must have)

Officer briefings:

  1. Retaliator (duh)

  2. Anything

  3. Slow & Steady (good to have)

  4. Get on my good side (must have)


  1. Warp to anything that isn't a dread and isn't fast (no vettes and vindicta and nox).

  2. Unleash plasma broadside and flechette, with repeater guns

  3. Turn on armor booster pulse and shield. They don't stack additively, but with 50% resistance and 65% absorb from shield, you only get 17% damage bleed through. They can't down you without a bunch of stuff thrown together

  4. Wait for shield damage to reduce plasma cooldown (should be about 4 seconds) and fire again

  5. Warp out if things turn sour, or stand and fight like a man

Most average players will panic when they see a mass of steel appearing over their head. Repeater guns + plasma deal 15k damage almost instantly, enough to take out arties and cripple tacts. If destroyers turn to fight you, just shoot more plasma at him.

The steelwall dread:
Can be used with both Voronezh and Lorica


  1. Tartarus missiles (can't troll without this)

  2. Flechette/Light missiles/Torp salvo

  3. Armor booster pulse (important)

  4. Armor amplifier (must have)

Officer briefings:

  1. Retaliator (duh)

  2. Anything

  3. Navigational expert / Nerve of steel

  4. Get on my good side (good to have)


  1. Spot target, launch Tartarus at about 5-6k range

  2. Energy to engine and move toward target.

  3. If enemies shoot heavy fire, armor amp up, keep moving

  4. Shoot at target with repeater guns and secondary module

  5. Turn on armor booster pulse and shield when armor amp run out. Watch retaliator reduce armor amp cooldown to less than 10 seconds (which is shorter than armor amp btw)

  6. Laugh at target desperately trying to shoot at you without modules

This build work because most people refuse to load disruptor modules. Be careful with purge though, but purge kill anythign anyway, so just ride away

The artilltery tact
Usuable by any tact, but better by Aion and Koschei (sorry Harwich)


  1. Artillery pod (name)

  2. Repair pod (important)

  3. Repair autobeam (important)

  4. Energy regen (must have)

Officer briefings:

  1. Retaliator (duh)

  2. Module amper (nice to have)

  3. Engine rigger (just to travel)

  4. Adrenaline shot (must have)


  1. Look in a mirror and repeat: "you are the tank"

  2. Go to front line, but stay behind a dread or a Blud

  3. Place pods with energy to weapon

  4. Bubble up and down behind dread with shield on, healing him

  5. Use energy regen when your shield is below 50% and you are being shot at

  6. Spam more pods

  7. Watch the kills and assists raking in as enemies desperately trying to kill you with nukes

Basically a pod spamming build by abusing retaliator and energy regen. With 2 heal pods and shield on, you can easily negate 4-5k DPS (meaning even a Valcour guns deal 0 damage to you) while retaliator keep your energy regen on 10 second cooldown. A full shield tact is an invulnerable tact. No energy and regen cooldown? No problem, just heal something.

The corvette Vindicta
Usable by Vigo as well, but to a lesser success


  1. Purge ram

  2. Anything

  3. Weapon booster pulse

  4. Thruster

Officer briefings:

  1. Retaliator (just nice to have)

  2. Anything, just don't pick module amper

  3. Navigational expert / Nerve of steel (navigational expert is slightly easier to use)

  4. Anything


  1. Fly like a corvette: conceal your breath, hide your presence and strike at an unexpected angle

  2. Turn on thruster, hit purge ram

  3. Turn on weapon booster and unleash your flak

  4. If your ram hit target get 10 seconds of being sitting duck. 2 volley of flak with something else in between easily deal more than 40k damage, taking out anything that is not a dread. Load some torps to take out light/medium dread as well

  5. Fly away because you are faster than a vette now.

This actually requires a bit of skill to hit the ram, but purge ram has really nice AoE so you can cripple the whole enemy team. Flak has short reload so you can unleash 2-3 volleys in the purge duration. Weapon boosted flak deal 22-25k damage per clip

The grenadier Nox
This is just theory craft, I don't have enough modules for this yet


  1. Stasis autobeam (must have)

  2. Proximity mines (name)

  3. Disruptor pulse (nice to have)

  4. Anything

Officer briefings:

  1. Anything

  2. Module amper

  3. Navigational expert

  4. Anything


  1. Fly like a Medusa, with energy to engine

  2. Turn on stasis beam when close to target

  3. Throw mines at him, point blank, amped better but not necessary

  4. Circling around him and keep throwing mines

  5. Evil laughter

Basically abusing mine short cooldown and Nox high speed with the broken stasis beam for some fun.

Feel free to contribute more

Always go for command ship unless you are Jutland or Tacts

Even if you can only deal 10k damage to command ship, you still net a nice 150 points, more than a regular kill (which requires much more than 10k damage for sure). Do that 2 times and you get 375 points with bonus ribbon. Easy exp

As for brawling in Onslaught, if you aren't shooting at AIs in your free time, you are doing it wrong. 10 assault ships net you 300 points as well, and it only took about 35k damage to down them. You might not down even one opponent with 35k damage.

I usually go for stray target in Onslaught but that is because I have nothing else to do in a slow Jutland

Jutland trying to warp, a friendly corvette swings by, Jutland warps to the same spot <.<

----> Proposal: add 2500m minimum warp distance

Jutland successfully warped, to above the target, Jutland has no guns under its belly, can't shoot <.<

----> Proposal: add a few repeater guns under Jutland belly please

Arty trying to module amp mine, arty switches energy to weapon, arty loses 30% energy instantly <.<

----> Proposal: only consume energy on shot

Tact trying to heal, tact deploy the pod, the pod blocks tact beam <.<

----> Proposal: make pods untargetable for friendly

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-206940) said:

I mean, is there a real-life Dreadnought somewhere? Has someone been lying to me?! :o

Like I said the Deathstar is the only realistic one xD When ships are built in space, there's no need for flat design or orientation or wings and such. A round ship with 360 degree firing angle is the best design

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-206907) said:

If the looks of the ships annoy you, you would not have liked the game at all. It is lightyears away from any realistic logical approach, it follows the fun/balance > realism line. So nothing in this game is made around theoretical possible space warfare. It is esentially Star Wars.

Let's face it, the only realistic spaceship in Star Wars is the Deathstar

@OP: I don't know any "practical military spaceship design" because they don't exist. This is a fantasy game, it can be pretty or ugly or whatever you call it, but expecting it to be realistic is the last thing I do

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-39394) said:

freakyskull516#8314 posted (#post-39343)

sooo... ballistic worse than the plasma one?. . .

No just different. Ballistic has less burst, but can be used faster. Depends on what you need, do you have the time to grind down your enemy, or do you need him down fast to reduce incoming damage or run away?

The game is meant for partial horizontal progression, they will probably add a lot more modules doing the same, just different. The broadsides and nukes show this pretty clear, they all have the same use, but different options. Although they may need some balancing, or cater to very specialized needs.

Ballistic has longer launch sequence, which effectively increase its cooldown. Plasma is 1 click. This can be seen most clearly if you have retaliator. You can launch 2 plasma in succession but your ballistic might not even finish shooting in the same time frame.

Overall, yes plasma is better

I just had a few games where opponents have 3-4-5 tacts, half koschei half aion mixed. I won all of them.

The only communication I had in that game is "enemies have lots of tacts, stay together and focus fire"

Having lots of tacts isn't a problem, problem is how you talk to your team