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Just remove BB altogether and up the reward.

I will play Recruit and Veteran when I want to, forcing me to play with BB cooldown just make me mad (and I'm still not playing Recruit)

Solokonto#4004 posted (#post-205658) said:

i dont get why ppl say they are forced to use a module.

if you purchase a module of a previous tier it gets carried forward to the next tier, so basically with a t4 dread you can start off with the tier 3 modules you have purchased on the t3 ship.

So basically you are able to play with what ever modules you like to play with even before unlocking it in the present tier.

There are a few ships that appear out of nowhere and has no previous modules (jutland, vindicta, koschei, palos etc)

Also there are many T4 modules that are vital to the line game play but get pushed much further into tech tree depth, for example: evasive maneuver on arty, or torp salvo on vettes

Ducarius#7273 posted (#post-205659) said:

Nemo, the whole point of player vs player games is to be "stressed" and challenged and improve. The people who don't want to be stressed are off playing PVE games. Comparing TE in this game to championship WOT is not accurate. Regular WOT has one life and you are out, it has been a huge success despite the fact that everybody only has one gun.

My most memorable battles there are the ones where it was me or me and one other person as the only ones left alive facing off against several more opponents. I will never forget the time I was alone in a JagdPanther vs 5 other people and won with half my team still in spectator mode cheering me on, giving me advice and trying to help me keep track of the last positions and directions of the enemies. My hands were shaking when I won. I want that in this game too and the only time I've felt it a bit was TE.

Yes there was game that I took out entire enemy team in TE earning the ACE ribbon.


It was awesome, I admit, but it was also 1 out of 100.

There are a lot of things that work in WOT and not work in other games (tech tree for example). I'm not sure why, but I believe the main reason is that WOT matches you with players similar to your level, meaning you can count on the fact that the enemy artillery won't take you out in 1 shot.

After all, if the game is not appealing to the masses, it cannot survive. You can compare the player base of League of Legends and Dota 2 and see. Dota 2 is much more "competitive" and only has 1/10 player base of LoL, recently they have to update it to be more appealing to the "noobs"

Ducarius#7273 posted (#post-205637) said:

Ovsianka is correct, this mode led to a completely different and in my opinion, better playstyle. It forced coordination and it made me not want to die so I had to play better. The problem was everyone hated waiting for the next round if they died early. It should just be one round and done. Boost the fighter damages a tad so they feel like they are still contributing or just allow us to leave and start another battle without losing exp or money. One life per battle is one thing World of Tanks got right. I want a challenge and right now this game feels too easy because I can respawn 5 seconds after I die and within a few moments be right back in the fight. Death needs a real penalty or the combat will get mindless and boring I will go back to WOT.

The problem is average players can't and won't play for the better, they play for entertainment. And TE is pure stress, not entertainment.

It's like comparing WOT world championship with normal ladder games. Sure world championship is much better quality, but you can see which one players prefer.

Sgt_Saunders#5165 posted (#post-204678) said:

I was just going to post this.
The main guns of the Jutland are a total joke. It has all these big turrets...that are really just pea shooters. They are inaccurate at range and have such an abysmal dps that there's no point in using them in place of the secondary turrets. It is the only absolutely useless weapon in the game IMO.

The Jutland gun DPS isn't that bad, the main problem is the spread that make you miss 4/5 shrapnels

I don't have any problem with Jutland speed or fire power honestly, but I'm irritated that I have to build Jutland with warp, or else I can't do anything. It's very limiting.

Vasiliy#2624 posted (#post-203727) said:

They could just update the scoring system you know...

" don't have enough HP" => lol, see first post.

"Why get close to < 1000 range when you can heal from 5000 away?" => to fight rather than hiding behind a wall/teammate and pressing left-click ?

But I agree, playing heal tacs is logical, given how strong (and dumb) it is. That's why I'm suggesting to remove healing and turn tacs into support ships rather than healing bots.

There's a big difference between bobble up and down behind a rock and survive with 20k HP vs going point blank with 20k HP and no escape mechanism. Just because tacts can survive when in the middle of friendly bunch doesn't mean they can in the middle of enemies line.

Also, NOT DYING is a fine way to contribute to the team, because you are not giving the enemies points. Each team has a limited amount of deaths allowed per game, 25 for TDM and around 30 for OS. Every less death counts toward your team win.

There's a reason why the Palos/Harwich line isn't remotely popular: they are simply too weak. And that's what tacts are without healing.

Vasiliy#2624 posted (#post-203149) said:

Thought about it, makes 0 sense. Everyone would agree that healballs are dumb and have few weaknesses, so I'm suggesting a fix. You said you almost never play tac, me neither. Why, because they are unfun to play as or against. Plus it would be make sense to have buff pulses on tacs (hence the name tactical, doesn't fit at all right now) rather than on destroyer/dreadnoughts. Games have to improve, get over it.

Couple of things I want to share on why healing tacts are more popular than actual "tactical" tact, despite the fact that tacts do have tactical modules (such as cloak pulse, cool down pulse, drones or pods)

  • Support pulses give you ZERO score. That's right, 0 score

  • Drones give you ZERO score, yep

  • Purge beam, strongest module in the game, give you next to 0 score as well, sometimes it gives you an assist.

  • Offensive modules are super short range: tesla pod 1400, tesla turret 800, mine 680, blast pulse 900. Why get close to < 1000 range when you can heal from 5000 away?

  • Tacts are relatively slow (except certain Aion build), and don't have enough HP to duke it out at close range

Given those, going healing is a logical choice, not dumb choice. Until offensive modules on tacts are buffed, not matter how much you nerf healing, playing healing tacts is better.

Exp is normalized to your score +600, so yeah, it's low

Vasiliy#2624 posted (#post-202658) said:

"Trust me, I'm a tact that can eat 2 missiles salvo and 2 arties howling at me and still live"
=>aaand that should never happen, that's my point. When badly positionned, you should die for it.

Why not, it's not like I run out in the open to die, I purposely take the hit so that the shield damage reduce my cool down and my mate can take less damage (which lessen the healing pressure on me). I do it because I know I can survive, and I do it because I gear myself to do it. I have my own sacrifice to do that as well.

Vasiliy#2624 posted (#post-202658) said:

"but I cannot do anything if my team doesn't even look around."
=> Except healing them while being able to survive 3 ships focusing you. Oh wait...that's everything tacs' do actually.

Who's the big target when your team is in the open? Yep, tacts, positioning is a must as tact's healing get dramatically lesser with range (1k4 autobeam, 800 pod, and main koschei beam 1k2)

Vasiliy#2624 posted (#post-202658) said:

"Just like tacts need at least 2 people to heal. What you are asking is how to kill someone 1v2, it's not gonna happen"
=>That doesn't even compares, you need 0 coordination to heal another ship. It's not about 1v2s, its about tacs surviving under heavy fire, and you can't only blame the briefing.

Too bad that your opinion is so obviously biased, I wonder if you play something else than tacs.

Hmm, my current fleet don't even include a tacts, I maxed Aion very quickly as it was my first ship, but now I have all the T4s already, you can imagine how long I didn't touch tacts.

If you think healing is that easy (I admit that it need only LM then you should have seen matches where people screaming for repair.

And about coordination, yes that is a problem, it goes both way, just a bit less on the healing side. I literally had games where I jump in on a Jutland, kill both tacts on opposing team, then warp back to my team to heal, because opposing shooters are tunnel-visioned into shooting my other team mates they don't protect their tacts.

Now there's something I would agree with: that's tacts are very annoying. But it is necessary to have tacts so that people can coordinate and devise certain strategy. Without tacts everyone would just go and head bang each other