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Seem like you haven't met good tac cruiser. A single left click from tac cruiser can heal 3600 hp per sec with energy to weapon, with energy generators it can shield itself for 10s. Tac cruisers can basically heal everything from behind a wall and there's nothing you can do.

I'd like to point out that Aion's movespeed is 48 and has enough firepower to kill a corvette...Koschei just trades damage and movespeed for more healing.
Even with everything disabled how do you kill them ? Shoot through walls ?
My point is that tacs' gameplay is all about refusing combat and preventing their allies from dying because of their mistakes, which is very frustrating for the opposing team.
In combat games, you get better by dying and understanding why you died.

Solution: just make every tac cruiser like the JA one, no healing, buff pulses, energy missiles, drain drones, etc...and more damage so they really belong in a combat game.
More fun for everyone, even tac players (how is sitting behind a wall and left-clicking supposed to be funny).

Tacts can only heal so much, the thing is tacts rely on team to have a brain to actually do something. Trust me, I'm a tact that can eat 2 missiles salvo and 2 arties howling at me and still live, but I cannot do anything if my team doesn't even look around.

There is only the OB Adrenaline shot proves a problem because it gives a lot of energy, all other things are pretty average.

If you want to kill tacts you need at least 2 people, 1 disable and 1 nuke. Just like tacts need at least 2 people to heal. What you are asking is how to kill someone 1v2, it's not gonna happen

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My only issue is thjat my gameplay become more static

And a Blud would do that much better than Vigo as well. The problem isn't how to get killing with Vigo, the problem is that it doesn't have an identity comparing to Blud and Vindicta

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Each ship class should have clear weaknesses. What's the weakness of tacs ? Plasma rams ? While artys are countered by an entire class, tac cruisers are vulnerables only to a few modules (rams, drain torpedos, what else ?). You can't even capitalize on their positionning mistakes since they are so tough with 25000 HP for T4s + energy generator/autorepair and adrenaline shot.

A tac cruiser spending 3/4 of its time hiding behind a wall and constantly surrounded by allies should be easier to kill than an artillery cruiser which have to stay at the back of the fleet and expose itself to corvettes in order to be useful (else what's the point of having a range of 7km?).

Seem like you haven't met good arty. A single shot from arty can deal 8-12k damage with energy to weapon, with rapid fire it can shoot 6 consecutive shots in 6 seconds. Arty can basically melts everything from 7k range away and there's nothing you can do.

Tacts are vulnerable to a bunch of things because their movement speed is low (and they have no fire power so they have to hide, obviously). The easiest is tartarus that drain and disable everything, you can kill the helpless tacts after that.

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My guess as to why they don't do that is because of a single progression line of modules: the corvettes Ligh Cloak, Medium Cloak and Heavy Cloak. Because lets face it, if you could get heavy cloak right from the start, why would you get the other two.

Then that's the work of the balance team. Pushing the hard part onto players to avoid work is never a good move.

It's very simple to encourage people to buy and try modules: Something never get used? BUFF IT!!!!

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I think that mentallity still applies to this game as we are not supposed to breeze through T4 to reach T5. It is at T4 that we are supposed to test new tactics since all module existing for a specific class become available, develop our skills, earn and test officer briefing, etc. Past that point, T5 becomes more a prolongation of T4, allowing very intense matches for those that reach that point.

I will respectfully disagree.

The gap between T4 and T5 power is very obvious. Asides from the increased HP and shield, T5 modules are much better than T4. It's hard to do well in a T5 matches with only T4 modules. T5 vs T5 before was boring. People are too good at what they are doing so the match became stale, nobody risk anything because mistake cause death. But that's beside the point.

The point is that the current progression hinder players a lot by limiting their choices in modules locked behind both the tech tree and the purchase cost. No choices = unhappy people, it's very simple. You don't joyfully play 50-150 games on a junk ship and still be happy.

Many people don't even know what a T5 match look like nor do they care, but they aren't even happy with their stock T3 or T4 ships, so they stopped playing. What good would progression do to those players?

If they just simply remove the tech tree and let people buy whatever they want whenever they want, people will be a lot happier, and progression speed would still be the same.

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Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-201971) said:

[...] and there's a buff to arties defense[...]

Really, what is it? I'm a big Artillery player and since 1.10 came out, I have no idea how to properly defend against oncoming corvettes and destroyers. Before it was easy, I just used Bomb Catalpult to wreck them, but now what good module can I use?

Stasis beam and mine? Beam range is now 2k and last 80 seconds. No offense but I thought that's a no brainer. You can just rekt vette at 2k range and they can't do a thing to you

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This last update changed gameplay considerably. I often see t4 dreads get reduced to 20-30% hp by a t3 artie off in the distance. I know some say the solution is use "armor booster" so ok, get armor booster but say good bye to your hyperspace drive. How will you ever get in range to take him out. I guess you arent supposed to take on Arties as a dread.

The most Over Powered team is comprised of the following units

its ironic, how "dreadnoughts" become useless in a game called "dreadnought"
This game is indeed Free to Play, but the developers seems to be inclined to make progress so treachorous and slow that you must dish out money unless you have countless hours to spend grinding and farming exp/money. This reminds me of Korean MMORPGS that are "free to play" but are really just money farms.

Arties have always been that strong. The problem was that their natural predator, corvettes were running rampant on previous patches so average players can't properly play arties. Now corvettes are nerfed and there's a buff to arties defense, it's understandable that more arties are coming out

Dreads are now only useful if they are properly supported or they are Jutland with warp and armor booster. Even so it's hard to take out a Murometz with desperate measure

It's nice but if you don't act quickly a lot of angry players will stop playing

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So "less turtling" nerf gave us more turtles , Koshei is coming back to game , more dreads, more passive play . Nerf to anti-turtle weapons like Storms and Starling made game passive again. Just before this path it was slowly geting more dynamic , i didn't see a lot of turtling , most of the time team that gathered in one place was wrecked by Starlings . Now nothing is keeping people from making a blob around their Koshei+Aion combo .

Well obviously, if you come out of hiding you get rekt by arties, storm missiles nerfed so no more swinging destroyers to take out the tacts, now people just shoot at each other from distance. And guess which ships are good at that? Arties and dreads, with healers under them

Tugarin = hide & fire

Furia = move & fire

Just pick whatever float your boat