One of the biggest problems is that they have both a good amount of HP, relarive to their size and design of hte role, and poor counter on early levels. Dover has good damage and speed, and the only counter - tac cruisers have slow turret traverse speed, which is, well, uncomfortable on medium range, but absolutely useless in close combat. A skilled vette is always 10+ kills, and if his team is not kind of dream team, they win with great advantage.

New record - 15 minutes looking for a match. The tier system with progression seems not good in any way.

Nope, it's still okay with 4 tiers 1-2, 2-3,3-4,4-5, as first we do neet have so much players, second - the players need to at least know what will they have on the next tier. Seriously, not a big gap in performance with ability to see options that you are able to get for progression further is good, IMO.

А что не так в связке тактикал + дред + вет? Тактикал с дредом давят, вет выносит по одному арты и/или тактикалов, возвращается за лечением.

Seems like a good place to leave a feedback.


- more ships;

- more players in match;

- bunch of new modules, or i may be mistaken.


- worse performance - having less fps on low settings, with the quite common drops to like 10fps, especiialy on explosions and other effects;

- MM issues - but that probably due to low players count;

- tier system - aside from the fact, that it's too common on session-based games, it's too grinding. Better option seems to use maybe the system, where palyers start at middle of available ship line, and if they want, they can move to either more speed and less resilience, or vice versa, with reworked module system - with different numbers of active/passive modules. Also the set of starting ships is a little bit strange.

- no secondaries on low tiers is pretty bad, especially when on tier II new ship types appear.

- no new maps.

Gorgeous. Though looking for acula's zmey more.

Same to me. Plus login problems.

After 3rd login funds are back.

Great news, thank you.

I have a very simple but, probably, kind of childish, question: why there are littel to small videos or artwork to show that the work is currently in process? I mean, you completely change the progression and ships, thus why don't show the result of your work to everyone, what will be, probably, rather good for community intercation.

With respect.