POSTS these are the old alpha values so they will be a bit off now have tiers but treat them as a rough guide to what your getting.

If you like the Talionis line treat them much oversized corvettes and should be flow as such as they are very squishy but they pack a nasty punch. Great for pub stomping but in organized play or a team what work together they will get rekt. Personally would recommend the Anthos line to start so can play a skirmisher and a main line ship, your not as fast but still fast enough given the right setups.

If playing a skirmisher the usual tactic is flank them and at 2k push f1 and run your main guns into them and burn in. Hit f3 and hit ram and all dps mods then switch to flak as get to 800m and unload another clip into them then finish with main gun on the way out what will of reloaded by then, most ships tend to die with that combo. Want to aim for tacs the dessy and artys ignore dreds what full hp. Module wise rams and nuke torps work depending on play style (want to do a drive by or get in and say hi.) Drain or disruptor work wonders (no energy means no shields so less effective hp, diruptors mean not modules for them to retaliate with,) then scramble or weapon booster pulse depending how ballsy feeling (scramble is op but wep pulse works for damage output.) Then thrust or energy gen both work (thrust can shield and speed on the way out but energy gen has some VERY nasty combos with reatliator and very versatile if you mess up.)

Just ignore the light tactical cruiser as aside for the officer briefing you get it is a piece of garbage what's not worth your time grinding as it cannot heal anywhere close to what the Koschei line can do just use to to get to where you want to be then leave it alone to rust in your hanger.

Arty wise the Svarog was and IMHO still is king of artys as not too slow and still packs a mean punch you just need to use energy to quickly turn to snipe vetty's out of the sky as in T1-and T2 it is the best ship to counter them as can 2 shot them as they don't have their bs modules yet and quite slow. Nox line however has the bomb catapult and should treat is as a GTFO my face weapon as will kill anything so long as below 1.5km of you or be on the verge of death. Use the catapult to snipe ships what duck behind cover as you can manually detonate them and they fly in an arc again the closer the better as it's essentially a shotgun. The grenada is bad as it's too slow to react to corvettes and while alpha's good it fires 2 rounds per shot with a slight delay. So unless they standing still of good at leading shots not it's the best and because it a brick it's hard to get into good positions you are corvette and arty bait as they can just out snipe and gun you no matter how good that tank of yours is.

Dessys if want a ramcan go with the lighter ships and take scramble pulse and drain torps key is to joust opponents (get in do damage gtfo heal repair and repeat.) Gora line was the king of mid range now regenerated to close range and dealing with big ships as the weapon spread awful. The Athos line jack of all and is a good place to grind as it can use nuke torps quite well if you blind fire them (range is 2.5KM use it when a ship coming towards you or hiding behind cove shoot it just above the ridge and detonate it when it on the other side bear in mind it will fire parallel to your ship so be careful of ff.)

Dreads the Invictus just a better Gora nowadays as better more reliable primary weapon just make sure not to use warp as it's not worth it IMHO as tank too squishy and not that slow. The zemy a large ship bruiser good at mid to close range of if good at leading shots a good long range platform (but you should never use it in this role you have a tank and team needs meat at the front!!!) The Monarch a brick and will tank for days and the 1 ship it might be worth the warp drive just to get to the front faster.

Corvettes valcour line is king as king of speed and dps and should be your go too ship, as the one down side is can only do damage on the approach and poor on the way out but that is negligible as you will kill most ships with 1 pass anyway they are that disgusting. Speed is key and it is your tank blink warp gets you out of most ships engagement range just attack them from the rear and will wreck house with them. Fulgora ok as a anti corvette ship and ok overall just a bit slower the kreshnik don't even bother it's too slow to be of any use.

It's also the rich get richer issue. So get the T4+ 5 guys and teach them dirty free to plays whats for in their dirty T3 peasant rust buckets -_-

Shurangelus#3326 posted (#post-98327)

While you're at it could you add back the tool tips describing the usage focus for specific primary/secondary armaments? Especially main guns, Idk what the dmg/range on anything is. There are no modifications and you can't really get a feel for the intended targets.... like heavy cannons might have longer range but slower attack speed making them useless vs corvettes. might help you while these numbers are put into the game. This was the alpha numbers and I have no clue how they pan out now tiers are here but the ranges "should" be accurate enough and give you a ballpark what to expect. I do know the gora is not accurate anymore (I miss my mid range ship of death and destruction smile )

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The emotes we're referring to are meant for post game, to be used by captains in that scoreboard lineup. Yes, that one will take a bit of work but I have no doubt there would be a positive return on investment. Also, if anyone didn't catch my update earlier, I'll put it here:

As long has have the skeletons in place it's not hard to do as it's why some kid cartoon series just won't die as it's costly to to set up but cheap to run and since it's a simple action can't be that difficult. As for voice lines “DAKA! DAKA! DAKA!” a must for any true vetty pilot and need a giant fog horn at the very least for ramcan.

Little Miss Sunshine#7845 posted (#post-99163)

Also: How about we avoid trying to shut down other people's ideas on this thread? I realise I'm one of (if not the) greatest culprits in this. It doesn't help anybody, just discourages people from putting up their ideas. The thing we want to do here is give all our ideas out for the devs to see and hopefully take some inspiration from.

You have a very nasty knee jerk reaction the second anyone mentions removing the tiers, please rein it in as it's not helpful.

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Yea your point about meta shifts concerns me also. Like if an officer briefing becomes 'must have' and it's on the manufacturer that you never leveled. So it's 40 hours of xp grind away.

I think they already plan to address this by removing officer briefings to some separate system, but definitely a valid point.

TBH there are a few what are must have already, desperate measures, adrenalin shot and module amp kind of are for some ships. That and you have no idea how powerful the Retaliator + renforced + slow and steady + module ampere + Energy generators combo can be. You can literally can fire light nuke torps + torp salvo every 10 seconds with a 30% damage boost, have weapon booster pulse perma run and can tank for days due to retaliator and energy gen a positive feedback loop, my gora was a disgusting beats back in alpha smile

Saying that with obliviondoll in saying the tiers need to be horizontal be it in how many utilities they have, bonuses to certain areas what balanced with reduction in other areas (thus making new ship tech progression path meaning more ships to buy,) tweaking weapon optimal and ROF and ammo, (you could just make turn that into purchasable items instead,) tweaking hit boxes so higher you go the more narrow certain ship profiles get. Pretty much anything just not a straight up armor energy and weapon boost, or at least nerf those gains with something other than a laughable minuscule drop in speed for what you get. -_-

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Browsing through this thread was actually quite a positive experience compared to many others, which creates some motivation to actually also post at the end smile

None of us here like taking a dump on the game we do it cause we want it to succeed as much as you devs do.

Moving on

Since tiers are going to linger about like a bad fart make the not statistically better as adding more hp dps just make it look pay to win and since community is small splitting them up any more is a bad idea. How about make the tiers have more unity so decrees amount of module slots available. So T1 guns and primary and perimeter T2 has all the modules T3 assess to 2 officer briefs t4 all of them. Then can split ships down again by having them specialise in a certain role in the tiers.

Example been have a tactical line designed around force multiplying eg weapon boost other ships, debuffs and energy transfer. Another tac aimed at long range healing another with team-mate blink (forget name) as a rapid deployment. Have those variants have a hull bonus to cater for those roles and just made another good money slink. With the tiers those variants can also mix it up what modules they have available so the force recon don't have the primary module and only internals, where as the t2 rapid deployment has the internal and primary so can burst heal and gtfo. Add of the fact can tweak variants by having more speed, energy hp and cool downs can split ship progression 4 ways per tier easy so technically extend the grind but since give more options it looks a lot better. And since every ship down that variant path technically the same save for utility it not so much a kick in the teeth for new players to face them but they will strive to purchase them and they then can do more and have a slight edge.

Giving more stuff to purchase is a dam sight better than trying to hamstring the players. Make them buy modules as a unit so if I buy a weapon booster mod I have 1 of them and can install it into 1 ship of my ships in my line-up if i want another ship to have it I have to buy another. This is a dam sight better than having to unlock then buy it for every ship and means don't have to tie modules to certain ships and can easily tell if certain modules are lacking and buff/ nerf accordingly. Then turn your xp into masteries of certain modules and you have to use them to get xp. You then could make a tech path for them what can only go 1 way and if want to change have to reset or make harder to grind but you have to select what mode you want when building the ship. Say make them cool down reduction, longer duration , larger buff and jack of all.

Could always go down the mwo route and make you buy every wep and mod. Will need a revamp of primary and secondary weapons and give more options say dreds have 1 xl slot 1 large, dessys 1 large one med artys 1 xxl 1 small ect. However it means can tweak ships to suit your engagement range and a reason to have multiple of the same ship (since have to buy same ship twice if want to do so.)

Also instead of making ships have tiers have them have different slot layouts. Say 1 ship variant can have 5 officer briefings but looses a module slot. Again more reason to buy the same ship twice (also need to buy the guns, modules ects again.) If HAVE to do the tiers make ships loose module and briefings slots not give them a buff to HP and weapons As that way while they are technically weaker they still can actually kill higher tier ships they just have less utility.

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Imrahil#3251 posted (#post-98438)

Unlike you he apparently cares about the games well being. I realise it is hard to accept that as a reason for a misanthrope but there are such people.

As hard for you to accept the change and accept that some people actually like the direction Dreadnought is going,i get it its not for everyone.

have made up an entire imaginary silent majority

A happy customer will not show up on forums to complain,and thats it.Remind me please why dont u show up on Discord anymore?Isnt it the same reason?

The aka "silent majority" is in game playing,you on the other hand?

True enough they also stick about and I would love to know the retention rate of the game atm? People may complain all they like but if the figures state otherwise nothing will change. Sadly I can't see it been all good, buyers fallacy may help it be propped up for a time but as soon as that premium time ends will people stay?

Personally i had the 90 days premium from founders pack I think having played it for 40+ hours pre 2.0. Now 2.0 hit played 10 hours grind-ed all of T2 ships and then had about 3 games with T3 ships and said sod it it's not worth my time. As ships customization got neutered and have to grind the same weapon system for each ship what is a slap in the face, and I doubt officer briefings carry over and I'm in no mood to grind to find out if my fave combos still work. Cosmetics seem to have gone up in price and decals don't carry over anymore (believe they use to,) overall the seal clubbing got a dam sight worse then pre 2.0 and corvets are even more OP as the modules that we are to used to deal with them are locked away behind a even bigger wall making them untouchable in T1-2 games. Now just doing the wait and see approach as game is not worth my time playing as I can tolerate a game if teammates are idiots but I will never tolerate a game what makes me yell at the mechanics been BS, those 80 hours of my premium time I have left you can have.

tbh soon as i see tier 3 ships in a rookie game i just quit. Sucks but you are literally cannon fodder and not worth getting bent over for others amusement. 2.0 is frustrating to no end as limits ship design, having to buy the same kit over and over again for every ship in the same tier (would understand it had to do every tier but every ship come on!!!) Some modules what love one can't use as that ship don't have assess to them. List continues hoped they would go the mech warrior route and just throw out more variety but turned into "you must play this ship how I tell you and you will like it." I swear if officer mods ship locked too....

Good to hear so long as have optimal and falloff's damage and ranges listed all's good. Might be a good idea to include the reticule what are in game (green and yellow thing) next to each value to help rookies know what these values mean.