Second what skyraider said, ps4 players cant even play the game so no way to spend money.

I really was ignorant to how bad the situation is, but I'm so glad I read this article.

I see now this is a hopeless cause. I wont bother posting anymore and will delete the game.

RIP Dreadnought

PC players continue to drone on about the state of the game, while it's not even playable for us and it was released on console first. We've been forgotten, period.

It's funny how you say it's like it's geared toward consoles, but there is no console game currently

Three weeks of the servers being down, and no response

Two pages of a dedicated thread on the state of the serves, and no response

Multiple posts and videos within trending section for the game on the ps4 itself, and no response.

NO post on this thread

NO official news announcement

NO youtube apology

I think it's safe to say by their actions that the ps4 players have been forgotten. This is right up there with the Telltale games debacle. A game with such a bright hope and something unique and fun, but they completely dropped the ball as a development team.

There is no excuse for the lack of response to this thread or announcement as to what the issue is. It takes all of a few minutes to make a post and explain what the situation is and ask for patience. They've seen the growing discontent and said NOTHING.

RIP Dreadnought

At least pc players get to play the game. ps4 servers are still down after three weeks! Even for pc players this should be a larger concern because the game was already launched on console and is now dead, so there's a large hit to the overall game population.

I know they just want to make some last minute adjustments so they dont have as many issues as they are with the pc side right now, but good grief. It's unheard of for a game to be taken offline for this long. It's been two weeks. It's a shame because we'll finally have 16 player matches but no one to fill them because ps4 pop will be gone by the time they bring the servers back up. I myself check everyday and it's past tiresome.

Please greybox, You need to get them back up soon. Your console players are evaporating.

My only feedback is when is it coming? I can't wait much longer lol.

Valid point. I think it really only proves my point if that's the only scenario where that module would be viable though.

Rams are annoying, but they can be dealt with. There a few things to remember with the most troublesome modules from any ship.
-You know what ships have which modules ie the rams are only on destroyers
-Most people only use rams on the oberon destroyer (not always, but the vast majority of the time)
-to use a ram means to go "all in" meaning they have to single out a target and get to them as fast as possible with them not doing anything but sitting still

If i'm in a dreadnought, I use armor amp and once they ding off my hull i broadside them and that rip them apart with repeaters from there.

A corvette can easily dodge a rammer

In an artillery cruiser, I hit em with a stasis missile and use rapid fire or siege mode to finish them off long before they have a chance to even get close

In a destroyer, there are a lot of options, but I generally see them coming and take them out before they get too close to start the ram.

Like an earlier poster said, ramming is not as easy as it looks and you can duck around or behind cover fairly easy and make them waste a module slot. Remember, since they have some kind of ram as their primary that means they also dont have a strong missile or goliath slotted. Also if its an oberon rammer they will generally have scrambler as their perimeter module and will be very vulnerable to status missiles.

I can't remember if they've said it outright-more like incenuated-but with the goal for ps4/pc parity I thinks it's safe to say that crossplay is the goal at some point. I would look to that to be a ways out though.